Who we liked at the CP3 NMSC

Charlotte, NC– Providence Day School was invaded with a ton of eager young talent in hopes of showing there skills at the CP3 NATIONAL MIDDLE SCHOOL COMBINE (NMSC). This prestige event gives a look at the future that’s up next and who will be invited to the CP3 Rising Stars Camp to come this summer.  Here’s a list of the talent we liked.

2022/2023 Top Player List:

2022 6’2″ Joseph Pimon, Morriton(AR) can play! Will put it on the floor to create shots and mix it up in the post. 

2023 PG Aden Holloway, JM Alexander MS(NC) is tough! Good motor & makes great decisions in traffic. He’s a player to watch!

2023 6’1” F Keynote George, Preston Christian(TX) definitely Top 3 here. Uses body well especially getting to the rim plus benefits from isolation situations.

2022 6’2” SG Jaden Bradley, is very talented. Gets to spots on the floor “sweet spots” and will utilize that pull up. Good perimeter performer

2022 6’3” G Kheni Briggs, Concord First Academy(NC) plays with power! Finishes at the rim and takes contact.

2023 6’0” PG/SG David “DJ” Delancy, Franklin Academy(FL) is always a factor on the floor! Can switch from PG to scorer instantly. Uses both hands effectively

2023 6’5” F Leslie Black, George L Carrington(NC) with is size and length in the post he has the potential to be a standout.

2022 6’5” SG Jalen Hood’Schifino, Bailey MS(NC), is one the Top 3 Prospects in the camp! Plays with strength, use of both hands and can score.

2022 5’9” PG Brandon Nelson, Community MS (NC) the CP3 PG has control, vision and a knack to produce plays.

DC Blue Devils 2022 6’2” G/F Terrell Webster, McKinley Tech(DC) is having some good games. He can create offensively and very agile when using his length


2023/2022 Standouts List:

  • Emanuel Sharp, Skills Center Elite (FL)
  • Leslie Black, Georiga Prospects (GA)
  • Ben Shtolzberg, Real Run OC (CA)
  • Christian Geter, Team Knight (FL)
  • Justin Glover, City Rocks (NY)
  • Tristan Gross, E1T1 Elite (FL)
  • Tahaad Pettiford, Jersey City AAU (NJ)
  • Mekaleh McBride, Georgia Prospects (GA)
  • Jalil Scheneck, Team Final (PA)
  • Devin Carney, RADD Basketball (PA)
  • Anthony Brown, Evolve Global (FL)
  • Nicholas Rodriguez, Heart’N Hustle Elite (FL)
  • Joel Harrison, Thunderstruck (FL)
  • Kevin Josephs, UPLAY (Canada)
  • Larry Hughes Jr., STL United/Larry Hughes (MO)
  • Julian Keitt, Palmetto City Hurricanes (SC)
  • Nieko Cuthberton, JM Alexander Middle School (NC)
  • Bryce Lindsay, Team Melo (MD)
  • Bryce Cash, N.C. Best Academy (NC)
  • Jazian Gortman, Palmetto City Hurricanes (SC)
  • Cameran Oates 5’9 Team Wall (NC)
  • Christian Geter, Team Knight (FL)
  • BJ Morris, Team Loaded 704 (NC)
  • Antonio Lisenbee Jr., N.W.A. Hoops (IN)
  • Malik Olafioye, Motor City Thunder (MI)
  • Kayden Lamebull-Ingram, Alaska G.M.C.E (AK)
  • Christian King, Seattle Stars (WA)
  • Sean Combs, E1T1 (FL)
  • Marvin Brimage, D.C. Blue Devils (MD)




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