2nd Annual “Best of the Best Elite Florida Middle School Showcase” Recap

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Coaches, Scouts and basketball junkies are eager to determine who will be that next Top Prospect that will make an impact at the next level.  There’s always those question we hope to see answered at showcase events amongst players and parents;  things like: Will there be competition?, Is there talent?, or Who will stand out?  I’d answer that with “There will always will be talent…either visible or a future expectation, players will compete and there may be players who stand out and catch my eye. The 2nd annual Best of the Best Elite Florida Middle School Showcase maybe the first of its kind in this area to put forth a display of high caliber middle school talent in both boys and girls. 

The Best of the Best Elite Florida Middle School Showcase which is brought to you by Marcus McGee and powered by Team M.O.A.M, had guest speaker and IMG Academy Director Coach Kenny Natt to give some key points on development and education. Basketball growth in middle school basketball can be very tricky to gauge, there is a wide range of ages, sizes and skill sets.  Players can excel early and dim out later or you can find a player who can eventually grow in size, IQ and further develop fundamentals.  .


Considering those factors Coach Marcus McGee, Kenneth Stephens and Therion Joseph of Team M.O.A.M  directed strenuous workouts (sprints, long distant laps, rebounding drills, extensive dribbling concepts, shooting and closeout situations) in an effort to see what Florida had to offer.  Hoop Brothers Basketball Mixtapes attended the event and filmed all of the games.

McGee noted ” This year’s event was very successful. It was our largest turnout, with 130+ middle school student athletes. The IMG staff was exceptional, working and teaching the kids new skills. The showcase games were intense and very competitive. The State of Florida has a very elite level of talent in the middle school age group. Twenty kids alone were recognized and are already ready to play varsity next season.”


We evaluated approximately 130+ athletes and just under 10 percent were girls.  This is what we saw:


Ladies first:

Keyera BromleyKeyara Bromley of Mango Elementary is a 4th grader who’s talents are off the charts.  She plays in a higher division with the Florida Future. Bromley’s ball handling is excellent, good mid range jump shot for her age and a very high basketball IQ.  She took on defensive pressure without a problem and was still able to find open teammates.  Bromley will be one to watch.


Nabaweeyah McGill of Cambridge Christian School was a dominant force in the paint, ran the floor and was very patient.  McGill also plays for Florida Future.  With more footwork development, McGill will grow and be a major player.



Notable Girls:

O’Mariah Gordon a 6th grader at Sarasota School of Art and Science was able to run in transition and move without the ball.  Played good defense and showed her ability to shoot the ball.

Janay Outten a 6th grader at Saint Michael’s Lutheran School played with a high IQ and demonstrated how to be a leader at all times.  Solid player.

Shannon Lise of Burnett MS is a 8th grader with lots of potential.  Fast and quick.  Played both ends of the floor.  A player that can start transition with ease.



Top 5 Boys:

Blake Hinson6’5” SF Blake Hinson of Warner Christian Academy is a highly regarded as one of the top players in the Class of 2019.  Offensively Hinson can be dominant.  He has the capabilities to be a force in the post or the threat from the outside. Hinson moved well around the paint and uses the pick and roles good for his age.  As he continues to work on post positioning and his mid range jumper, he’s going to cause problems.


Jaren JohnsonClass of 2019 Jaren Johnson of Margat MS started quiet and then quickly came to life.  Just around 6’2” his length is deceptive to unfortunate defenders who he preyed on most of the showcase.  Johnson was effective running in transition with or without the ball.  Best when creating off the dribble and off the rebound. He’s an unselfish player, once his game is polished and he perfects a consistent long ball watch out for Mr.Johnson!


Kaleb ColemanWith a very mild demeanor 6’5” Kaleb Coleman of Howard MS was one of the most gifted athletes in the gym.  Coleman’s foot work is much more advanced then the average 8th grader.  His use of his size was relevant in the post and as he slashed to the basket.  Didn’t see many long shots or pull up jumpers for his size but that will come as he gets older.  Coleman looks to be a magnet for basketball knowledge as we watched his focus in drill demonstrations.  Can’t wait to see him in the future.

Gevon DexterFrost Proof’s 2020 PF Gevon Dexter at 6’5” is a definition of a Man Child.  Dexter definitely passes the eye test just from his athletic frame which distinguishes himself from all others.  Runs the floor and calls for the ball; he’s an explosive dunker.  I’d like to see progression in his shot and improved ball handling.  With these skills added to his game he could be unstoppable.



Isiah KirbyIsiah Kirby of Sagemont is a high energy player, very confident in his offensive game and not scared of any shot.  Creates offense when nothing is available.  Showed he could attack the paint with fearlessness.  Kirby at 6’2” is a very skilled ball handler plus shoots the ball well from various distances.  I’d like to see more patience in offensive sets from this 2019 SG.



TOP 2019 Players:


Justyn King
2019 SF Justyn King of Marshall MS
2019 PF Braylen Ingraham of Seminole MS
2019 PF Titus Baggs
2019 PF Titus Baggs of Discovery MS
2019 SG Benjamin Peters
2019 SG Benjamin Peters of School NCU
Emanuel Newsome
2019 PG Emanuel Newsome of Omni MS
2019 PG Tim Krivitzkin
2019 PG Tyler Krivitzkin of Falcon Cove
Joshua Scott
2019 SF Joshua Scott of Pompano Beach MS
2019 SF Tim Dalger
2019 SF Tim Dalger of Bair MS
Jermaine Normil
2019 SG Jermaine Normil of Dillard MS
2019 PG Romaire Burke
2019 PG Romaire Burke of Mullrennan MS


2019 PG Cameron Rozier
2019 PG Cameron Rozier of Eisenhower MS
2019 SG Jose Romero
2019 SG Jose Romero of Eisenhower MS
















2019 SG Thaizjae Hepburn of Nova MS
2019 SG Thaizjae Hepburn of Nova MS
2019 SF Klein Alexander of Roosevelt MS
2019 SF Klein Alexander of Roosevelt MS














  • Michael Tador                         2019    SF      Somerset Academy Pines
  • Wylie Howard III                      2019    C        Millennium MS
  • Jelani Moreno                         2019    PG     Cornerstone Charter School
  • Richard Maldonado                 2019    PG      Woodland MS
  • Todd Johnson II                      2019     SG     Millennium MS
  • John Williams  II                      2019     SF     Eisenhower MS
  • Cort Green                              2019    SG      Hoover MS
  • Chosen Levarity                      2019     PF      Sun Coast
  • Nisshanth Perumalsamy           2019     PG     Hunters Creek MS
  • Saeme Ennis                           2019     PG     Millennium MS
  • Reginald Mesidor                     2019     PG     Poinciana Christian Prep
  • Anthony Reyes                        2019     SF      Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy
  • Derek Marnio                           2019     PG     Haile MS
  • Anthony Marnio                        2019     PG     Haile MS
  • Tristan Anderson                      2019     PG     Millennium MS
  • LJ Hewitt                                  2019     PG     Milwee MS
  • Patrick Ottey                            2019     PG     Millennium MS
  • Mathew Akuchie                       2019     SF      St. Gregory MS
  • Frantz Blaise                            2019     PG     Westpine MS
  • Yakeem Grant                          2019      C       Bair MS
  • Zack Foster                              2019      SF     Bair MS
  • Joshua Scott                            2019      PF     Pompana Beach MS
  • Leonito Macapaga                    2019      SF     Nova MS

Top 7th Graders:

  • Keion Smith                             2020     PG     Millennium MS
  • Kobe Bennett                           2020     PG     Forrest Glenn MS
  • Bryce Brown                            2020     PG     Thurgood Fundamental MS
  • Kobe Knox                               2020     PG     Mullrennen MS
  • Jalen Ortiz                               2020     PG     Oldsmar Christian

Top 6th Graders:

  • Cameron Hickmon Jr.               2021     SG     South Creek MS
  • Mario Evans                             2021      SF






  • Jermaih Wicks                2020    PG
  • Victor Perez                   2020     PG
  • Samuel Griffin                2019     PG
  • Andrew Dansoh              2019     PF
  • Varun Ajjarapu                2020     PG
  • Jordan Michael Daugi      2019     PG
  • Jacob Channer                2020     PG
  • Jadrian Tracey                 2020    SG
  • Esdras David Camacho    2019    PG



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