Meet 2018 G Jacuelyn Levay

Sometimes you just have to find gems like 2018 G Jacuelyn Levay !  Levay averaged just under 16 pts per game and grabbing 4.5 rebs as well.  She was awarded Tampa Tribunes All- Hillsborough County’s Honorable Mention last year.  At 5’8″ and solid, she is a effective PG with a mentality to become better.  We had a conversation with her and she has a very intelligent mindset.  Her work ethic is great, she a true gym rat.  She works hard on her game by routinely checking in at the Clinic (Sports Performance Clinic).  This past year at Sickles HS was good, but were expecting that her Senior year should be GREAT!


Check her out:

Q: What’s your goals for next season?

A: Goals for next season are to put up great numbers and continue to develop my game. Want to also win districts and states

Q: What are your basketball strengths?

A: My strengths are that I have a really good basketball IQ and great court vision. I also have a good shot and my handles are good

Q: What part of your game are you working on to get better?

A: I’m working on my explosion, strength and defense.  Plus increasing my FT percentage.

Q: Who are your influences?

A: My influence is my mom

Q: Something interesting about you that your intrigued with besides basketball?

A: I like to cook and i want to travel the world

Q: If a College Coach takes a chance with you, how are you academically?

A: Unweighted- 3.44/Weighted- 5.00

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