2024 John Lucas Middle International School Combine 

Dallas, TX – This year’s John Lucas IMSC was a great success. There were players represented from 25 states and 3 countries. The talent was the best they had since the pandemic. Coach Lucas Camps are always organized and intense, which makes it easy to evaluate.

Below are a few players that stood out to me:

2028 Madden Hill PG 5’9 (Creekside Intermediate) League City, TX 

He’s one of the most electric PGs in his class. He plays with multiple gears. He can shoot from college three range and when he gets to the basketball can finish with either hand. He makes difficult shots. When he wants to, he can be a 94 feet lock down defender.

2028 Evan Willis 6’6 F (Heritage Christian – Lake Forrest) Irvine, CA

It was my first-time seeing Evan play. I heard good things about him, and they all seemed to be true. He very patient and relaxed with his game. He played in the post and can also step out and knock down the three. He had no problem banging in the post for position on both ends. He showed good footwork in the post on the offensive end

2028 Michael G Williams 6’4 G/F (St. Theresa Catholic MS) Harrisburg, PA

He set the tone early with his aggressiveness and physicality. The way he filled the lane on the break was impressive. He was one of the few players that finish multiple times above the rim all weekend and did it with authority. 

2028 Skye Ragoo 6’2 G (Christ the King) Queens, NY

He was one of the most impressive players all weekend. He has a game that will translate immediately to high school. He can play both guard positions. He has good court vision and a good feel, he showed he can shoot from deep by knocking down a couple that were NBA range. He scores well in traffic in the lane. He never seemed to get rattled. Showed good defensive instincts.

2028 Brayden Doolan 6’5 PF (McMillan Jr High) Wylie

He’s not a great athlete, but more than made up for it with his effort, skill and physicality. Most of his damage was done around the basket. He took contact very easy and had no problem scoring through it. His best attribute is, he plays within himself and doesn’t try to do to much.

2028 Emmanuel Nwaboku 6’7 F/C (St. Johns) Houston, TX

He seems to get better every time I see him play, that shows me he’s working on his game. He’s gotten more physical and plays smarter around the basket. He showed he can knock down the 10–15-foot jumper now. He still a rim protector on the defensive end.

2028 Jalil Herd 5’9 PG (Melva Davis of Excellence) Victorville, CA

He’s not very tall or big, but he plays the game with skill and savviness. He seems to continuously make the right play. Every game I watch him play; he was making the right pass or taking the open shot. When in the lane he didn’t rush are play or panic, he just seemed to make the right play. He’s the type of player that helps you win games.

2028 Blaze Johnson 6’ G (Hebron Christian Academy) Grayson, GA

The lefty has an impressive game. He plays with good pace and a high IQ. He lets the game come to him. He can score at all three levels. He makes players better around him. He showed flashes of being a very good on ball defender. Once he locks in on that end, he can become a major problem.

2028 Benjamin Berrouet 6’5 F (Dr. Jack Cockrill MS) McKinney, TX

Seeing the steady improvement of Berrouet has been fun the watch. His length, athleticism and effort are hard to match for most bigs in his class. He runs the floor like a greyhound and finishes with bounce and authority. He’s shown improvement on his jump-shot, but still is a work in progress. His potential is off the charts.

2028 Toussaint Malukia 6’11 C (Olympus) Wilmington, DE

Not much to say here. He’s 6’11 and raw. He wasn’t very skilled, but he did play hard and aggressive. He didn’t back away from any matchups. He’s a player I will keep tabs on these next few years.

2028 Jaymaree Bowens 6’3 G (Judson MS) Converse, TX

He was another one of those long skilled guards that put on a show this past weekend. Offensively he has a complete game. He can score at all the levels; he makes plays for his teammates and he’s a very patient scorer. He can surprise you with his athleticism. He came down one time, went baseline and dunked with authority. He guarded multiple positions. 

2028 Musunguindji Mwenentanda 6’4 F (Brandon Valley Intermediate School) Sioux Falls, ID

An active explosive wing that just knows how to play and make things happen. His pull up is smooth and in rhythm. He likes getting to the rim and finishing. He played with so much energy this past weekend and that really impressed me. 

2028 Ephriam Moore 6’8 C (Marshall Middle School) Beaumont, TX

His best attribute is that he competes. His skill hasn’t reached his body yet, but his physicality and work ethic are there. I watched him battle and compete in the paint all weekend. Most of his scoring damage was done in the paint and around the basket. He bought aggressiveness and physical play to the defensive end.

2028 Markus Jones 6’ F (Cardigan Mountain School) Brewster

He was player that just had a knack of scoring with ease. If left alone he was hurting, you from deep. He didn’t attack the basketball often, but when he did was successful with the mid-range or the floater.

2028 Willie Darden 6’7 F (John Martinez Magnet School) Hartford, CT

The big young players a problem. He’s big, agile, athletic and skilled. He showed at times how dominant in the paint, by what it seemed him going through smaller players and going around bigger players. He surprised me how well he handles the ball on the perimeter and shooting ability. He’s patient with the ball and when double teamed will kick it out.

2028 Owen Edwards 6’7 F (Scale Academy) West Covina, CA

I really enjoyed watching him play. His energy all weekend was outstanding. He stayed aggressive on the glass on both ends. Most of his damage was done inside and at the basket. He played within himself and didn’t try to force nothing. To top everything off, he played the game like he was having fun and enjoying himself.

Other Notables:

2028 Monta Ellis Jr 6’1 G (Rogers Middle School) Prosper, TX

2028 Caysien Douglas 5’7 G (Navasota) Navosota, TX

2028 Ibrahima Cisse 6’8 C Redemption Christian) Albany, NY

2028 Raiden Burke 5’10 G (Slam Apollo) Riverview, FL

2028 Madison Robinson 5’7 G (Allegiance Steam Academy) Ontario, CA

2028 Dylan Steffe 6’ G (Trent MS) Frisco, TX

2028 Xavier Wright 5’10 G (Bohls MS) Pfluggerville, TX

2029 Kamien Robinson 6’5 F (Oliver MS) Broken Arrow, TX

2029 DeUntrey ‘DJ’ Parker (Walnut Grove MS) Midlothian, TX

2029 Dallas Stewart 5’9 G (Pickerington Ridgeview Jr High) Pickerington, OH

2029 Kaleb Jackson 5’7 G (Lyle Briggs) Chino, CA

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