Tre’Shaun Mann at NBPA Top 100 Camp

University of VirginiaTre’Shaun Mann is a player who has enhanced his recruitment over the past year. From his play at Villages Charter School (FL) to E1T1, we have notice a player redefining himself and taking his developing to another level right before our eyes.

After a recent change to playing the PG spot, the 6’4″ 2019 Florida standout has shown more versatility and efficiency, making him a more productive part on the floor. Mann has made a major adjustment playing PG position and this was shown at the recent NBPyA Top 100 Camp in VA. While at the NBPA Top 100 Camp he showed his confidence at his new position, his ability to create off the dribble, take open shots and use his advantages in mismatches. These aspects may be the very thing that has Kansas, Florida and Tennessee loving him.



Q: Who are the top 3 schools sparking your interest?

A: “Kansas, Florida and Tennessee”

Q: How did you feel about the Tennessee University campus on your visit?

A: “The campus was nice, the told me about all the new construction, From the campus to the weight room, it looked good to me.”

Q: Talk about the player development aspect under Coach Barnes at Tennessee, is it something that stands out to you?

A: “I noticed how much time he spends with his guys when i was there on my visit, he was thee the whole time talking, watching and helping.”

Q: How  much of a role did their past season play on you to make them a desirable landing spot?

A: “There success didn’t have a affect on my opinion about them. Wanted to see what i could bring if i went there.”

Q: Are you focused on just those three schools (Kansas, Florida and Tennessee) or are you open for others to jump in?

A: “I’ll look at it, but right now those are main three.”

Q: How did you feel about your play at the NBPA today?

A: “I felt like I played alright. I couldn’t knock down a few shots but we’re winning so i’m not upset and that’s really the main thing to do at places like this.”

Q: Talk about your adjustment play the PG after being known has a SG for most of your High School career?

A: “I’ve been playing a lot of PG this year and its something I’ve been working since my PG got hurt in AAU season.”

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