BAH Hoops Interview: Conversation with Antwann Jones, NBPA Top 100

Charlottesville, VA – Antwann Jones, a 2018 6’5″ G, OakRidge (FL) gave us his outlook on the NBPA Top 100 and his future plans. “I enjoyed it definitely, it was long and tiring but I think it helped me focus more on my craft.”  Jones is a unique guard because of his size, versatility and competitive nature.  While speaking to E1T1 prospect Jones, it’s apparent he wants to play at the highest apex in the game and the NBPA Top 100 is the outlet for that to happen.  On the first day he had his best game scoring an 14 points and added 4 rebounds in a loss the 76ers (77-74).  Jones said “I was able to take my game more seriously and I’m not even who I am yet.  I’m in the gym a lot more and the more shape I get into I’m going to be even scarier once opposing teams see me.”


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When asked about future plans he said ” To increase my value I’m just making sure I’m at my best because me at my best I can’t see anyone stopping me from getting it done for myself and my coaches .”  He has heavy interests from LSU , TCU ,NC State, Clemson , Alabama, Georgia , Memphis just to name a few.  Jones has the talent and determination to succeed, his story is just beginning.

Check out Antwann Jones has he plays 1 on 1 with Ricky Davis

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