Lets breakdown the TOP Players, The 2016 HS/MS Breakdown Showcase (Part 1)

Top HS Players:

Christopher “CJ” Walker

Sunday was a full day of basketball in Tampa, FL at the annual Breakdown Showcase which took place at the University of Tampa.  The gym was full of scouts, coaches and players who were ready to showcase their basketball skills.   There were some standouts, some improved players, a few “who is that guy?” players and a couple of players that we eagerly anticipate watching grow.    We even had returning players who weren’t able to participate however they came to support the “work” of the Breakdown Showcase. 

Christopher “CJ” Walker of Orlando Christian Prep (OCP) did not let you leave the gym without knowing his name.   Throughout this evaluation period he has continued to put people on notice by consistently showing his ability to get up the floor, and being able to use his wiry length to convert shots.  

Walker wants to learn and doesn’t mind hearing constructive criticism.    Watching him work within a system, he knows how to adjust his game and adapt to guard play when playing with other teammates.   He will use his frame to maximize his ability and is starting to understand when he needs to be selfish.  The Learning curve is in his favor, now let’s imagine what he is able to do in the future.  Remember he’s only a 6’8 Sophomore.   With big time offers from Louisville and LSU we can expect the list to continue to grow as he grows as a basketball player.  This off season he should work on core strengthening. 

When we talk about high flyers, the most fascinating player at the event was 2017 6’5″ SF Tarik McKelphin of Plant City High school.  McKelphin is a high rising, highlight reel whose vertical is off the chart!  He is a transition nightmare.  On numerous occasions we watched him dunk the ball where his head was at the rim.  He’s a game changer who can keep the energy of the game high.   However, we’d like to see him work on his jump shot and show some discretion in his shot selection.  He holds interest from such schools as VMI and Clayton State.  Looking forward to watching him this season. 

Jonathan Bryant 2017 of Oakley High School from Jacksonville, FL.  Bryant is an explosive shooting guard who attacks the rim; and he’s in great basketball shape. Bryant is unselfish, and plays well with others.  He’s not a flashy player; he’s more like a quiet assassin.  His jump shot has improved and I hope he continues to expand his shooting range.  We’d like to see him maximize more on his scoring opportunities.   We were very intrigue with Michael Akuchie 6’8 2017,  he’s a stretch four, a player who can change the game in the post.  When on the perimeter, Akuchie is a legitimate threat from the arc and will stretch the defense.   He handles the ball well for his size but sometimes can get stuck on the perimeter giving limited action around the offensive glass.  I’d like to see him maximize his size by working to start transition of rebounded offensively.  2017 Alexander O’guinn from Oldsmar Christian is a stable post player that runs block to block. He works well with point guards who are willing to give the ball to established post presences.  Oldsmar Christian 6’8 power forward will have to learn to be a bit more physical and consistently show his dominance when playing bigger forwards.   



Top Middle School Standouts:

Ty’Rion Denson

2012 C Ty’Rion Denson, is a 6’3″, big and has a soft touch for a kid is size. Denson can create is own shot off the dribble and will pretty much dominate players on the block.  He will have to work on conditioning and a 8-10 ft jump shot.  He’s physical but sometimes holds back when being over powerful on others.  Once he puts all of his tools together, he will be a problem.

2023 SG David Delancy, has been a player making waves nationally.  Delancy is calm, cool and collected when engaged on the floor, not to be confused with his game because he is effective when needed.  He displays great length and size to grow into a solid prospect in future years.  Delancy has a high IQ which allows him to process information quickly; he’s “COACHABLE”!  He’s able to create transition plays from his offensive rebounding.  Delancy should continue working on getting stronger, because he may evolve to play the 1,2 or 3. Lets keep watching him!

2021 PG David Gatlin, a smaller PG with “HUGE” game!  He will attack any player at anytime, he can set up players with a handle that’s shifty for his age.  Gatlin’s vision is good as we saw him find numerous players moving without the ball.  With growth, Gatlin can be someone to watch.

2021 SG Jameon Harris, a 6’3″ problem for young defenders.  Some coaches were calling him a “Man-Child” with tremendous upside.  He’s aggressive when in transition, looks to score at the rim and can play decent on ball defense.  Harris can rise off the floor, as we watched him dunk in one off the games. He has the attitude and work ethic to be successful.  Working on his game patients and letting the game come to him will excel his total package.  Look for Harris to make an impact soon.

2021 SG Charles Crews, had a coming out day!  He made play after play and looked good doing it.  The lefty was stroking the long ball and used his ball handling skills to blow by defenders to get his floater off in the paint.  Crews has the talent but can use is skill to get others involved at times.  He recently got moved up a grade because of his high academics, which tells me he has an good IQ, so lets watch him grow.

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