Q & A with Jonathan Bryant II of Oakleaf HS

jonathan bryant
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Bay Area Hoops got a chance to talk with one of the most intriguing athletes in State of Florida.  2017 Jonathan Bryant II of Oakleaf HS.  Bryant has emerged has a prospect in two sports and also lets us know what and who has helped him along the way.  Question you ask yourself sometimes as a athlete; What does it take to be great?, What comes to you when your humble and respectful? or Who do you listen too?  Bryant sums it all up.

Question : How would you say your play and preparation has helped you so far this year?

Answer: “We have a lot of people on our team and we can do a lot of things. A lot of guys doing a good job coming off the bench and doing their job well. It took awhile for everyone to understand their role on the team but once they did it allowed me to embrace my assignment.  As one of the team captains I was able to put up some great numbers and lead the league in scoring again this year.  I believe that your preparation will show in your performance and in everything that you do in life. My work in the weight room and in the gym has manifested to help win the first District Championship in school history which I average 26 points in the district playoffs and now we’re heading into the regional finals.”
jonathan bryant
Picture courtesy of Jonathan Bryant II
2. Question: Being a two sport athlete, what do you need to improve on the most to get ready for college?
Answer: “Time management! Many student athletes don’t realize the challenge to be a top recruit in two sports. Between practices and games you have to find time to do your homework and your community service hours as well and it can be a super challenge for a student athlete. I believe at the next level it’s going to be magnified for me and imperative to learn time management better. I also believe it’s going to be a challenge for me to separate from my family and friends and make social relationship with total strangers.  I’m an introvert by nature and I know I need to improve my social skills for the next level. Being a military child that has traveled OCONUS and CONUS it has help me to adapt and overcome different environments.”
3. Question: How is travel ball coming along?
Answer: “Travel ball has helped me to mature faster because I was able to move up from the 16 U to play on the 17 U which also gave me great exposure.  I’m really looking forward to Team M.O.A.M. this year and I believe that we will win tons of games.”
4. Question: Who are your influences and what drives you?
Answer: “Jesus Christ is my biggest influence as well as my parents. The thing that drives me the most is being a successful man in society where I can influence people on different levels.  I’m also driven by being underrated to play at the next level.”
Jonathan Bryant
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5. Question: What advice would you give a young player?
Answer:  “To keep Jesus Christ first in your life and pray everyday. I also highly recommend that they listen and obey their parents and those who are in position of authority.  Also, continue to work extra extra hard on and off the court and be a person of high character.”
6. Question: What are your interested schools and who has offered you?Jonathan Bryant II
Answer: “I only have one football offer in that University of Tennessee at Martin a D1 school. I have Football interest from Wake Forest and Davidson.  My basketball offers comes from Jacksonville University and University of Tennessee Chattanooga. The schools that have interest are Florida Gulf Coast University, Stetson University, Bowling Green University, UCF, Air Force, Vanderbilt and Lipscomb University.”

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