Travel Team Profile: Tampa Bay Knights

We got a chance to watch the Tampa Bay Knights organization.   8th to 11th grade teams make up the Knights.  With a Travel Team player frenzy starting, the knights look to be competitive. 

The Knights stand by the words Faith, Loyalty, Courage and Honor by providing with the knowledge of the game and the tools to take it to another level.  TBK as excepted the challenge of creating a competitive atmosphere to help breath more life into the basketball scene in Tampa Bay.  The Coaches at TBK are dedicated to do what is needed to be successful.(Coaches:  Darron Wicks, Jamal Hill, Vince Hyatt, Breon Jennings, Myrick McRae and Coach Neal)

Tampa Bay Knights

Coming from an area known for basketball (Hampton,VA), Darron Wicks knows what it takes to become a better athlete.  Darron Wicks who guides the organization is prepared to do whatever it takes to get kids to the next level.  When asked what separates his organization from others he stated, “First is the focus on skills development year round and we offer skills/drills training and plyometric training during the season and off season.  Second, we’re not in it to make a name for ourselves or to make money but in it to give these young men an opportunity to get a free education and continue playing the game they love.”

Look out for the Knights!

Featured Players:

PG 2015 Jared Anderson  Brooks De-Bartolo:  Solid PG with a good size,  Good outside shot and Runs the fast break.

PF 2017 Craig Hall Jr.  Steinbrenner HS: Up and coming player in the area.  Long wing span and finishes at the rim.

SG  2015 Dontez Hardy  Middleton HS:  Aggressive and athletic.

SG  2015 Stephen Kitchen  Brooks De-Bartolo:  Versitle player and creative on offense because of his ability to put the ball on the ground and get to the basket.

SG  2015 Dante Mitchell  Brandon HS:  A player with a lot of “BOUNCE” and gets out on the break


Players of Interest:

PF  Rodney Pertee  Sickles HS

PG  Isayah Franklin  Newsome

PG  Alex Nieves  King HS

SG  Justin Hughes  Durant HS

SF  Devin Neal  Strawberry Crest HS

SF  Brendan  Miller  Newsome HS

PG  Erik Hernandez  Durant HS

PF  D’vonte Grier  TBT

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