BKD Showcase: Durant Duo 6’6” Matthew Lentz & 6’8” Jaylen Wharton

Tampa, FL – Directing events and watching games can get tedious at times but its always a pleasure when someone new catches my eye.  Some of the more impressive performers were from 2021 class. Two gifted players who’ve improved were 6’6” Matthew Lentz and 6’8” Jaylen Wharton.   These two players displayed  fundamentals and athleticism.  Williams used his length to get to the rim, shoot over defenders and finish at the basket.  Lentz was also able to showcase his smooth shooting and his ability to finish at the rim.     I’ve noticed tremendous improvement in 2021 Matthew Lentz’s game, strength and athleticism since seeing him this summer at a CP25 tryout.

Watch them below at the Breakdown Showcase.

Jaylen Wharton and Matthew Lentz

As Lentz and Wharton start there recruitment trail, they’ve haven’t received any offers as of yet but are starting get the interest they deserve.  Coach Anthony Ricks of CP25 states “Schools know of Lentz, but he will pick up stuff soon.”  Coach Sean Hayes of Durant HS sums it up perfectly on how he would describe his players. “Matt Lentz is the hardest working player I have been around in my 10 years of coaching. The time he puts in outside of practice will help him achieve his goal of receiving a college scholarship.  Jaylen’s leadership has gone up tremendously this year. His time in the weight room this fall is starting to pay off on the court.”

College coaches need to pay attention to these two, as their games continue to grow.   I’m anticipating you’ll hear their names more this upcoming year.  One thing for sure is as they continue to improve their recruitment should most likely increase.





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