2013 TBBCA All Star Game

Hillsborough County keeps proving that we have talent.  We watched some good competitive basketball at the 2013 TBBCA game at Tampa Prep last night.

From the West: Jack Fleming(Jesuit), Dan Harris(Sickles), Malcolm Johnson(Sickles), Devin Harris(Jesuit),  Joey Galvis(Jesuit), Malachi Christopher(Alonso), Reggie Hart(Chamberlain), Justin Madison) and Greg Robinson(Alonso).

From the East: Trent Robertson(Durant), Drew Vanderbrook(Wharton), Sir Patrick Reynolds(Wharton), Kyle White(Durant), Ryan Cummings(TBT), Marcus Hill(Armwood), Vontrey Hill(Armwood), Cj Mcgill(Wharton) and Devin Diggs(Strawberry Crest).

West ended up winning 108-85 but giving the size advantage in the post it was predictable. Vontrey Hill(East) and Malcolm Johnson(West) were the all-stars.  Greg Robinson of Alonso won the 3 point contest and Devin Harris Of Jesuit won a very creative Dunk contest.

Here are the participants that were choosing for the Hillsborough County vs Pinellas County game at Eckerd College on 3/22/2013

  1. Malachi Christopher (Alonso)
  2. Reggie Hart (Chamberlain)
  3. Vontrey Hill (Armwood)
  4. Greg Robinson (Alonso)
  5. Dan Harris  (Sickles)
  6. Joey Galvis (Jesuit)
  7. Sir Patrick Reynolds (Wharton)
  8. CJ McGill (Alonso)
  9. Jack Fleming (Jesuit)
  10. Dan Harris (Sickles)
  11. Travis Johnson (Jesuit)
  12. Justin Madison (Robinson)

Congratulations guys……..


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