2023 John Lucas AllStar Weekend

2030 Champions HUB Black

Houston, TX

The John Lucas AllStar Weekend on March 4th-5th was a great opportunity to evaluate young teams from a variety of states, bringing together many elite middle school teams. Players had an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of national scouts and media. Below, we spent some time evaluating a few of the standouts and notable eye catchers.

Martay Barnes | 2027 G | Tre Mann Elite – Barnes wasn’t too hard to evaluate, he just puts the ball in the bucket. Im anticipating which high school he lands at, whomever will be getting an young prospect wired to score! Barnes has a tool box of skills plus on the verge of scoring at all three levels. The 6’2″ guard looked mobile and mature enough to handle pressure of all sorts. What he does best that I really liked was his ability to pick up game intensity as the game got tighter, with use of his dribble to create offense and his fast pace in transition.

Isaiah Santos | 2027 F | Houston Hoops – Santos, the nephew of ex-NBA player NENE Hilario is pretty much similar, a 6’5″ aggressive wing who brings physicality and motor to the floor. He’s active around the glass and a finisher, but he’s able to make moves to the basket especially from the left side of the floor. Santos is face value, you know what you’re going to get from him; toughness, physical strength and a ton of minutes on the floor. He’s a bit of a switchable forward at 6’5″, but we like Santos more as a small forward with a four man attitude, where his frame and mobility allows him to check bigger players and his skills allows him to move around larger players.

Keshav Vijay | 2027 G/F | JL3 – When Vijay offensive rebounds you know he’s going to push the tempo and be aggressive while putting pressure on the defenses full court. Vijay can make the mid range shot and showed in numerous games that he was tough to defend. He’ll be a pleasure to watch in the next few years in TX.

OT Delancy | 2027 G | Tre Mann Elite Carter – The ability to be versatile at the guard position is in Delancy’s favor, switching from playmaker to pressing the defense offensively is very impressive to me. Defensively he attacks the ball, as he’s added some weight to his frame he’s become a more reliable athlete as well. The thing that’s going to get Delancy on College Coaches radars soon isn’t just his current abilities but is willingness to continue to improve and add on to his game. Look to hear more good things about him.

Ahmad Huvson | 2027 F | Houston Hoops – The 6’6″ Huvson was simply unguardable in the paint, as he used his size and mobility in the post to dominate. Showing is power around the basket plenty of times has he dunked the ball or blocked a shot, we liked what he brought to the team as he was a gem for the Houston Hoops squad winning the Championship. It won’t be long before his offer and interest list begins to grow substantially.

Aaron Britt | 2027 PG | Tre Mann Elite – Britt can really create, he’s a deep ball threat and has good use of hesitation or pull-ups. His shooting ability mixed with his skills at the lead guard spot will give him huge strides in his recruitment later. It’s hard to teach the combination of skills he processes, can’t be taught to most players.

Romejo Wates | 2027 G/F | Texas Summit – Wates attacked closeouts, got to the rim from multiple spots and brought a balance level offensivley to his team. Wates, with upcoming growth will be a matchup problem because of his abilities to attack off the dribble and potential athleticism to finish above the rim.

James Nowell | 2027 G/F | TNBA Jayhawks – plays to his own strength by bringing really good energy on the defensive end. Nowell stepped up in a few occasion and made his presence, seemingly getting better as the weekend progressed showing his shooting ability, along with a desire to play defense.

Kevin Eduo | 2027 G | TNBA Jayhawks – Eduo really provided an attention grabber when I noticed his ability to stretch the floor and make use of his size. He handles the ball well enough to be effective below the half court line. Plus he showed that he was a presence on the floor and will compete as I watched him in a win against JL3.

Notable Standouts and Eye Catchers:

2027 Gabe Grimsley | Tre Mann Elite

2027 Josiah Jones | JL3 Elite

2027 Royce Shelton | Houston Hoops

2027 Ti Scott | Next Level 360

2027 Jamil Adelagun | TMA Elite

2027 Aiden Grace | Upside

2027 Blake Wilson | Texas Summitt

2027 Okenna Ozumvba | Texas Elite

2027 Marc Dadlani | Power House

2027 Colton Sembower | Power House

2027 Steve Achille | Power House

2027 Micah Malone | Houston Hoops (Nene)

2028 Jaiden Martin | Skills Center Elite

2028 James Turner | Houston Hoops

2028 Darren Ford | Houston Hoops

2028 Mike McLendon | Skills Center Elite

2028 JR Arroyo | Skills Center Elite

2028 Tucker Shannon | Awake

2028 Channing Fuller | Awake

2028 Ellis Richardson | Awake

2030 Ayden Williams

2030 Alex Emmons

2030 Maverick Owens | HUB

2030 Brayden Kinsey | HUB

2030 Ray Perterson | JL3 Elite

2030 Kingston Perkins | JL3 Elite

2030 Chad Harvey | JL3 Elite

2030 Rocco Harris | Trea Young

2030 Addison Bohac | Trea Young

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