2021 John Lucas Rising Star Invitational

Houston, TX – June 26th weekend, we had the opportunity to spend some time at John Lucas Rising Star Invitational in Houston, TX.  The amount of up coming young talent in the gym was quite outstanding.

2027 PG Dakari Talbert, Carter G. Woodson Academy (KY) who is a 2 sport athlete built for contact & plays with an edge. Talbert can push tempo but can over dribble at times but he can touch the paint with a high percentage. He’s a pass first guard with his head on a swivel. Once he starts to establish a consistent jumper and control of pace, look for Talbert to be a standout in this game.

Right to Left: Dooney Johnson, Stevie Hall, Dakari Talbert, Dakari Talbert, Jadarian Holloway & Jayden Spriggs

2027 SG Dooney Johnson, MacDowell Montessori (WI) was one of the top players displayed at John Lucas Rising Stars Invitational. Wingspan and body length are very visible. Johnson kept my attention has he showed good ball handling left/right especially in full court transition. Very advanced for his age especially in the skills department. Growth will be key as it is with most young gifted talents at this age, but we can’t wait to see the finished product!

2029 G Draydne McDaniel, Wilton Manors (FL) is a young lefty with some upside. He’s fiesty, a scorer but needs to be more of a playmaker at times. Future work will be needed on his shot selection. McDaniel will always stay aggressive offensively looking for scoring lanes. His passion for the game is evident.

2027 F Isaiah Santos, Seven Lakes Junior High (TX) was a work horse! Finishing around the basket was his make up, absorb tons of contact but growth at that position will be important. Santos is a difference maker and just knew where the basket was.

2028 F Jayden Spriggs, Brule Elementry (TX) knew is role! Recognized floor spacing, finished at the basket, was a rim runner & brought a interior presence at his size right now. Has he continues developing his skill set, Spriggs upside will be high!

2027 SG Stevie Hall, FLICS (MI) was a playmaker! Created shots for himself & others while staying in attack mode. Highly skilled, shoots it well, understands the game & plays with confidence. Hall was a consistent standout performer! I love Lefty’s lol.

2027 G Jadarian Holloway, Calvary Christian (AL) was very fluent with the ball. He’s smooth and uses his skills to his advantage. Holloway is a standout performer but has to become humble and come out of his cool zone at times. He has a high talent & skill level and only time will tell how good he will be.

Draydne McDaniel & Jet Naegele

2027 G Jet Naegele, Friendship Heritage (TX) is a shooter! Caught our eye as he hit a few shots showing good fundamentals in his form. Displayed an ability to move without the ball that helped his style of play. Naegele can be a 3-level scorer by adding changes of speed & direction. He plays with good feel for the game. Keep an eye on him.

2027 F Emerson Mulvhill, Campbell Hall (CA):  is very advanced at this point and looks to have raw talent. Liked his aggressiveness offensively however, he needs to concentrate on footwork defensively.

2027 PGChristopher Stokes, Wilders Prep Academy (CA) – Fast & tough PG, small but plays with a huge heart but has to finish around bigger players in the paint

BAH Hoop Notes:

2028 Korben Goodwin, Warner Elementary (TX) – Good use of his body, use of right/left hand, long and lengthy.

2028 Stanford Wiley IV, Glenn York Elementary (TX) – Athletic, quick at moments, sometimes too cool.

2027 Elijah Reed, Hot Springs JR Academy (AR) – Athletically strong, defends & also very aggressive.

2027 Jeffrey ‘AJ’ Williams, New Hampstead MS (GA): Good size for position, aggressive at the basket, nice feel for the game and plays very physical.

2027 Hunter Caplan, The Valley School (CA): Excellent shooter, highly skilled, high bball IQ & plays w/ good pace & feel for game Work on the defensive side of the ball.

2029 Reginald Evans, Pride (FL)Very gritty & crafty guard who stays in attack mode. Evans is a ultimate competitor, plays with passion & changes speed & direction really well. Shooting will be important has he grows.

2027 Karl Johnson, Ruth Doyle (AR) – A PG who can make plays, get to the cup or knock down the 3 balls off the dribble. Doyle was crafty, poised & knocked down a couple of clutch shots in games. He’s a standout performer!

2028 Trent Williams, Bridgeport Academy Tampa (FL) – Quick and skilled! Williams was constantly moving with or without the ball, looked to make plays and good efforts on both sides of the ball. Growth will be a factor and needs to keep working on the outside shooting.

Eye Catching Players:

2027 Ja’Rye Brown, Valiant Christian (KY)

2027 Jordan Dotson, Columbia MS (CO)

2027 Keaton Turner, Bethel MS (OK)

2028 Bradyen Harrison, Brock (TX)

2028 Raiden Burke, Bailey Elementary (FL)

2028 Owen Boyle, Pine View (FL)

2027 Jacob Lee, Anthony MS (TX)

2027 Noah Musngi, Strack Intermediate (TX)

2028 Xavier Wright, Bohls MS (TX)

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