Talent on display at the Future 150 Elite Middle School Showcase

Wesley Chapel, FL – The 2nd annual Future 150 Elite Middle School Showcase held at the Wiregrass Ranch Sports Campus is becoming a staple event in the State of Florida. Bay Area Hoops LLC and ISSA Bucket Productions continues to monitor the special talent in Florida and put on good events. With this event there was no difference; let’s take a look.

Future 150 Elite 2025-2026 Standouts:

Shon Abaev, 6’2″ G 2025:  Miami County Day (FL) has a prospect on their hands. Since our last viewing the lefty has extended his range to be a threat from beyond the arc. Abaev is becoming an eye catcher because of his versatile game. A player that’s comfortable playing the lead guard and aggressive enough to put up points as a two guard or wing. Defensive positioning will help Abaev as he gets older but he’s on a good road in becoming a solid prospect!

Carter Reins, 6’6″ F 2025: This kid will sneak up on you very soon. Reins has the physical attributes to be a presence in the post. He has a natural feel, good footwork and hands. He didn’t shoot a lot of perimeter shots but arguably he was the best player at the camp. He attends Tampa Prep (FL).

Jayden Joseph, 5’11” G 2026: Another Miami Country Day (FL) product also with SOH Elite, showed how his smooth style can be very effective. Whats interesting about Joseph is his ability to set up defenders and blow past them at ease. He gets what he wants especially going to the right but will have to utilize his left a bit more to add to his package. Joseph is as fearless as they come especially when he attacks off the dribble. We. cant wait to see him again.

Lyrique Sartin, 5’7″ G 2025: This is a attractive player to watch. He plays all over the floor with a “go get it” attitude. Sartin is an athlete who will disrupt your best player as well has make plays offensively. Sartin plays for Liberty Middle School (FL)

Rashif Sinkfield, 5’7″ G 2025: This is a player that will make plays from the perimeter. Sinkfield will impact games and make opposing teams adjust. The Orange Grove Middle Magnet (FL) looked like he couldn’t miss from the perimeter and his high IQ helped when looking to get shots off.

Chasion Wilson, 6’3″ F 2025: The Lake City kid is raw and untapped. Wilson plays at Fort White Middle School (FL) and has a chip on his shoulders that keeps his motor going. Wilson did a little bit of everything on both ends as he played different positions throughout games. Physically he can do what he wants to do, in the right situation I expect him to excel.

Willie Piggott, 6’0″ G 2025:  The Bridgeprep Academy(FL) player made the game easy for him by moving without the ball plus slashing and cutting backdoor for easy baskets. He’s a good defender and he will make a defender work harder when he’s on the court. I’d like to see him concentrate on finishing overall he’s a solid player.

Justin Smith, 5’5″ G 2025: This Ocoee Middle School product is a work horse at the guard position. Smith is fast, makes good decisions and plays with a good knowledge of the game. He’s a good teammate that can create opportunities for others. You can put him in a number of situations; he’s the type of kid you need on the floor.

Honorable Mentions:

  • 2025 MJ Ward, Coleman Middle School
    2025 Jacob Douglas, Lincoln Memorial Academy 
    2025 Demetrius Brown, Liberty Middle School  
  • 2026 George Daniels, Woodmart Middle
  • 2025 Adyn Corbin, Liberty Middle School 
  • 2026 Josh Fields, Mallard Creek STEM Academy (NC)
  • 2026 Joe Philon, Skills Center Elite
  • 2025 Deion Pierre, Williams Middle School

Future 150 Elite 2027-2029 Standouts:

Jaiden Martin, PG 2028: He was one of the best guards in his age group. He did whatever he wanted to do offensively. Martin showed pace, handles and heart plus with his gifts on the court he will mature into something great.

Ayden “Skoot” Donald, PG 2027: If you’re looking for a player who continues to attack, then Donald is your guy. The Bridge Prep Academy(FL) and LX Elite product is quick and skilled! We’ve kept an eye on him and he is dynamic off the dribble and as he strengthens we’ll see more aspects of his game. Donald has a bright future ahead of him and he will a player to watch on a national level soon.

Oneal Delancy, G 2027: He has game and he’s able to put plays together. He shoots the ball well, gets to the basket and can finish with either hand. The youngster will compete at all times plus Delancy brings a two end presence which will be a plus as he gets older. He’s solid and will be an interesting player to keep an eye on.

Trenton Williams, PG 2028: Another Bridgeport Prep (FL) product who manages to be at the right places at the right times. Williams was very good in drills and showed energy in games. Williams was one of the quickest guards at the event and his speed will cause problems for others. We love what he brings to the table.

Jaylen Johnson, G 2027: High energy, two way player that’s capable of shooting from deep. Johnson has improved across the board. Keep watching him!

Brandon Perkins, G 2027: He plays with awareness, he’s a type of player who takes advantage of all opportunities to score. He scores on offense, he scores on defense and he plays at a high level for his age. Look for him at Thurgood Marshal Fundamental (FL).

Raiden Burke, PG 2028: A big guard with a high IQ. Burke has skills along with court vision. He’s versatile and can play the 1-4 right now; he can play bully ball when needed, go to the post and rebound to create offensive opportunities or stretch the floor with his shooting. Burke has promise and as he gets older and he becomes more physically lean we will see a very good ball player.

Kobe Bascom, G 2026: This kids potential is phenomenal and he’s a lefty. Bascom is quietly confident, he plays hard and brings it on every play. At the showcase he showed he had promise. As he grows and continues to develop and you will see a good prospect in the future. Bascom plays for Hampton Dabose Academy (FL)

Chase Weismiller, G 2027: He was confident and competitive. His play with the ball in his hand caught our attention. Looking forward to watching him tap into his potential and continue to grow and develop. Weismiller plays at Westlake Christian (FL).

Honorable Mention:

  • 2028 Hector Nieves, Cypress Springs Middle  
    2028 Erick Rodriguez, Alta Vista Middle
    2029 Stephen Andrews, Westgate Elementary
  • 2027 Mathias Johnson, Home Schooled 
    2027 Jaylen Hollman, Gulf Middle School 
  • 2028 Luis Rodriguez, Renaissance Charter School 
  • 2027 Jelani Johnson, Academy Middle
  • 2027 Armani Martinez, LLT Academy 
  • 2028 Jeremiah Owes, Southshores Middle School 

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