2020 ARS Rescue Rooter National HoopFest (Tampa, FL)

TAMPA, FL – The ARS Rescue Rooter National HoopFest is held annually at Berkley Prep. It attracts both national ranked teams and top teams from Florida.   Next year,  Berkley Prep will host “The Kevin Durant National Hoopfest Series.

Event coordinator Travis Haddock and staff have done an excellent job in hosting this national event.  We’re anticipating the next year’s Keven Durant National Hoopfest Seris to also be successful.

Here are some special performers we saw at this years event.


Best Overall Game Candidates:  

2021 6’10” C  Jerrell Colbert, Cornerstone Christian (TX):

Jerrell Colbert

Best Game: Scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in a win against Berkeley Prep on Friday night.  Displays an excellent wingspan at 6’10”, long, moves up and down the court and showed why he is ranked #26 by ESPN.


2020 PG Kegan Karnes, Berkeley Prep (FL):

Best Game:  Coaches are you looking for a under the reader shooter? If so, Kegan maybe your guy. Friday night against powerhouse Huntington Prep, Karnes impressed us with a 32 point performance, going 6 of 8 from three.  He’s a shooter but can run the PG spot if needed.


2020 6’2” G Dionte Blanch, Orlando Christian Prep(FL):

Best Game: Really had me worried in the first half, after only scoring 7 points and missing a few easy shots.  However, Blanche finished with 35 points in a losing effort to Orlando Christian a Prep and showed why Murray State was so high on him. Blanch went 5 of 7 from three and 14 of 26 overall. Blanch has an on and off switch and seems to rise in clutch situations.

2020 6’5” G Selton Miguel, West Oaks Academy (FL):

Best Game: I have always liked Selton Miguel’s intensity and abilities especially on the scoring end.  While finishing with 32 points and going 6 of 10 from beyond the arc, the Kansas State commit was also able to give out 7 assist. Miguel is TOUGH!



Standout players:

2020 6’5″ G Kobe Knox, Tampa Catholic (FL):

Kobe Knox

Best Game: Dropped 25 points against a tough Huntington Prep squad. Knox has the potential to be very effective at the next level.

2021 6’3” G Brayon Freeman, Huntington Prep (WV):

Best Game: Finished with a hard 23 points in OT Friday night against Berkeley Prep.  Freeman went 8-10 from the field and going 2 of 3 from three. Even though Huntington Prep looked off,  Freeman was able to standout and hit some huge shots in OT to help seal the game.


2020 6’8” SF Jordan Wood, Cornerstone Christian (TX):

Best Game:  Wood’s gave St. Pete HS (FL) a good double double with 18 points and 12 rebounds.  This was our first time watching him and Wood is a catch and shoot guy with some versatility because of his capabilities to put the ball on the floor.


2022 6’7″ F Ven Allen-Lubin (Orlando Christian Prep)

Best Game: In a game against East Lake, Ven Allen-Lubin went for 24 points and 9 rebounds in a 68-56 win.  This is a player you must keep away from the boards because his activity and ability to finish around the rim is a difference maker and OCP found that out early in the contest.  After talking to his travel ball Coach Ricks of Team Parsons CP25, he expressed a ton of praise for Allen-Lubin and his activity on the floor.


2022 6’7″ F CJ Hawkins, Berkeley Prep (FL):

Best Game: Hawkins is a hard worker and makes his living off the glass, screen while rolling to the rim and good defense.  Last summer with E1T1 15U at Peach Jam, he showed he was capable of playing on a big stage and the game against Huntington Prep he dropped 19 points and 8 rebounds.  Hawkins is young and making a push to be a sought out prospect coming out of Florida.


2022 6’1″ PG Austin Nunez, Cornerstone Christian (TX):

Best Game: Nunez is a paced guard with skill. He’ll create for others but is aggressive enough to get his own shots.  The showing against Berkeley Prep on Saturday, he made his presence known providing 24 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 assist plus Nunez shot 9 of 16 from the field.  The sophomore Texas PG is truly gifted and we hope to see him again.


2022 6’6″ G Jadrian Tracey, West Oaks (FL):

Best Game: Tracey is a special and lethal piece for Coach Gillion, he added 22 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assist going 10 of 14 from the field against St. Pete HS.  Tracey talents should illuminate to D1 program looking.


2021 6’5″ guard Michael James, Oak Ridge (FL):

Best Game: James continues to be impressive and against Tampa Prep, he put together a 23 point and 6 rebound in a 55-43 win.  His leans on his strength and aggresiveness to make baskets in timely situations at the SG position.  He’s a tough handle for less aggressive guards and his abilities to make perimeter shots is a plus.


2020 6’4″ PG AJ Hoggard, Huntington Prep (WV):

Best Game: AJ Hoggard is a big bully type PG, makes running transition much easier for wings and bigs plus can show his court vision once in the paint.  He ended up scoring 13 points along with 7 assists against Berkeley Prep.  Hoggard will fit nicely at Michigan State.


2020 6’10” PF/C Isaiah Cotrell, Huntington Prep (WV):

Best Game: In a overtime victory against a tough Berkeley Prep team, Cotrell put together 18 points and 6 rebounds and on Saturday against Tampa Catholic, the West Virginia commit shot the ball well going for 26 point on 12 0f 18 shooting. He’s long, plays consistent in the post and makes good use of his talented skill set for a big.



Attention Grabbers:


2020 PG Varun Ajjarapu, Berkeley Prep (FL): Finished with 20 points against Cornerstone Christian.  Ajjarapu is headed to play for the Coast Guard next year.

2021 6’4″ G Dean Gabrelcik, East Lake (FL): Gave his 17 points in the first half and was the only help to Dionte Blance in a 68-56 loss to OCP.

2020 6’4″ G  Gabriel Sharp, Tampa Prep (FL): Finished with 19 points and showed he could make shots and play an in and out game.

2020 6’7″ SF Kobe Gibbs, West Oaks (FL): Had a solid performance ending with 14 points and grabbed 6 rebounds against St. Pete HS. Finishes in the open floor and plays good help side defense.

2021 G 6’3″ Jalen Smith, Oak Ridge (FL): In a 55-43 win against Tampa Prep, Smith finished with 16 points, 3 assist and 4 stls. Smith can get to the rim, he’s lengthy plus he can make plays.


  • 2020 6’3″ G Deon Earley, St.Pete (FL)
  • 2021 6’1″ PG RJ Garcia, Berkeley Prep
  • 2020 6’2″ G Lenholt, St. Pete (FL)
  • 2022 6’3″ G AJ Brown, Orlando Christian Prep (FL)
  • 2021 G Valentino Hart, Tampa Prep (FL)
  • 2021 5’10” PG Ray Perry IV, St. Pete (FL)
  • 2020 6’3″ G Eric Butler, Orlando Christian Prep (FL)
  • 2020 6’9” C Johni Broome, Tampa Catholic



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