2019 Camp Right Way- Houston, TX

by Darnell Johnson 

Houston, TX
– This year Camp Right-Way Houston was represented by kids from over 19 states. This year’s camp was one of the most competitive Camp Right Ways in years. The guard play was outstanding, and the kids competed from start to finish. The station work was very intense.

Below is a few of my standouts from the camp:

Ezell,​ Evan​ Iowa, LA
​ 2024 6’0″155​ G

He’s very quick and he dribbles the ball on a string. He has no fear which sometimes gets him in trouble in the paint amongst the trees. If left open, he can easily knock down the 3 ball. He’s definitely a competitor.

Vinson, Jamie Austin, TX
St. Gabriel’s Catholic School​ 2024 6’3”​ 140 F

He’s long and raw and knows how to get open. He can flat out stroke the 3 ball. I like to see him get more aggressive on the defense end. He has a nice upside if he gets stronger and continues to work.

Roffers, Connor​ Pleasant Prairie, WI

Burlington HS 2024 6’0”​ 145​ G/F

He didn’t do a lot but stroke that ball and boy did he stroke it. If left open, he was more than guaranteed money. I see him rattle of 4 straight 3’s with ease one game.

Richard, Aidan​ San Antonio, TX

Jose M Lopez MS 2024​ 5’10″​ 135​ G

The young fellas a baller. He played with a good understanding of the game. He more than not made the right decisions. His court savy stood out all weekend. He also showed a nice stroke from deep.

Jackson, Joshua New Orleans, LA
Brother Martin HS 2024 6’0″​ 160 G/F

He’s a very long and bouncy wing. He finishes good around the basket and has a nice mid-range game. I like to see him become more aggressive.

Brown​, Landon Lewisville, TX

Huffines MS​ 2024​ 6’0″ 150 G

He was definitely one of the most skilled and talented kids in the camp. He can score at all three levels with ease. He’s strong with the ball and going to the cup. My only hold back on him, is he falling in love to much with the 3 ball and abandoning the rest of his game.

Wheeler, Montana  Houston, TX
Hopper MS   2024 5’6   140  G

I really like his understanding of the game and his court vision. He handles the ball on the string. He sometimes got ahead of himself and he knows that so it’s easy to correct.

Dalberg, Sean Leander, TX

Leander MS 2024 6’4″ 190​ F/C

He’s very active on both ends. I liked his footwork in the post. He could finish with either hand or didn’t mine a little contact. He was a good help defender.

Boateng K. Annor 

Pinnacle View MS 2024​ 6’4″​ 185​ C

For his age, these young mans a physical specimen. He has great size and athleticism and uses both very well. He stayed aggressive all camp and was punishing on both ends.

Paul, Gavin Austin, TX

Westridge Middle School20245’9”150  G

A real heady lead guard that plays within himself. He has good range, nice handles and makes solid passes. For the most part he stayed in control.

McNeeley, Liam​ Richardson, TX

Richardson N. Junior High​ 20246’5″ 165  F/C

Was one of the standout players of the camp. After a so-so day one, he really stepped it up day two and bought a whole arsenal. He attacked off the dribble, showed great footwork with his back to the basket and consistently knocked down the deep 3 ball. On defense he contested everything.

Scott, De’Shon​ Houston, TX

Pro Vision Academy​ 2025​ 6’2″​ 206​ F

To be as big, strong and athletic as he’s is, I love that he has a touch of finesse and feel to his game. He stayed attacked with authority, but he had the nice pull-up and he wasn’t afraid to use. With all the tools and how unstoppable he was this past weekend, what probably impressed me the most was his unselfishness.

Taiwo,​ Neffie Houston, TX

O’Donnell MS 2024​ 6’5″​ 140 F/C

He’s more of a long-range project, but this past weekend he did do a few things that impressed me. He played hard and wasn’t afraid to mix it up. He did score around the basket and was aggressive on defense.

Toliver, Javon San Antonio, TX
J. Frank Dobie Junior HS 2024​ 6’3″​ 170 G/F

He’s long, coordinated, but needs to get a stronger. He has real good hands and a nice touch for his size. He runs the floor very well. He’s a decent help defender. He definitely has a nice upside.

Warlick, Dylan​ Edmond, OK

Cheyenne MS 2024​ 6’3″​ 175 G/F

From start to finish of the camp, he may have been the most impressive player. He has great size and physicality. He can shoot it from deep are post you up and score at the cup with either hand. He was great on the trail on the break. He was an excellent passer from the top of the key are back to the basket in the post. All I can say I was highly impressed.

Thompson, Breylan  Missouri City, TX     Quail Valley MS 2024 5’8” 120 G

He’s was goon on both ends all weekend. He stayed on attack mode on offense and stays hounding on defense. He played at one pace fast, but that didn’t stop him from making decent decision with the ball.

Jaye NashBryson​ Memphis, TN

Briarcrest Christian School​ 2024​ 5’11” 155

I feel he may have been the most complete player in camp. He’s a lead guard with great size. He plays with a great pace and loves to compete. He competes on both ends and I love that. With all that talent he must stay within himself.

Pipkin, Zion Houston, TX

Wells MS ​2024​ 6’0″​ 160​

He’s a very quick athlete that stays on the attack for 94 feet. I liked his handles and how he finishes at the basket.

Hardridge Cedric  Tulsa, OK

Victory Christian 2024​ 5’11”​ 140

He’s quick and athletic and stays on the attack. He’s a very good on ball defender and has very good instinct. He needs to become more consistent from long range.

Guillory, Scottie Katy, T

Tays​ 2025​ 5’8″​ 137

He was really solid all weekend. He was a consistent scorer who played within himself. He excelled all weekend in station work.

Evans Caleb​ Houston, TX

Fallbrook Academy​ 2024​ 6’2″​ 135

He has a nice smooth game. He finishes and gets to the basket with ease. I like his feel for the game and how controlled he was.

Cantave Jaden​ Kingwood, TX

Woodridge Forest MS 2024​ 5’8″​ 129

He’s a quick, savy and IQ skilled lead guard. I really liked his court vision and the way he attacked. He has a nice stroke from 3.

Olajuwon, AdulMalik  Houston, TX   Arden Academy  UK 2026 5’1” 96 G

His father may have been of the greatest players I ever seen touch the ball, but he didn’t have his son range. The young man knocked down college 3 after college 3 in every session I watched him play. He shoots with extreme confidence.

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