2018 Skills Center Elite May Day Hoopfest Recruiting Notes

Tampa, FL – Getting to stay and recruit the Tampa area is always interesting.  There never an instinct were you can’t find gems floating around in events. We watched games at the US Amateur Skills Center Elite May Day HoopFest and got to evaluate some nice athletes who are ready to get noticed.


Attention Grabbers:

2021 6’7” SF John Solomon of SBC Mambas (FL) was the most attractive prospect to watch! Solomon tools to stretch the floor, ability to put the ball on the wood along with size and versatility he demanded attention.  I can imagine how beneficial a college program would be with a player of his magnitude and once he a college weight program gets involved it would be a tremendous upgrade for Solomon.  His creation of the offensive rebounding stood out to us, it showed his vision in the open floor and athleticism. Solomon also plays travel ball with Nike Team Florida and i forecast a multitude of offers to come soon.  Solomon doesn’t lack toughness nor does he shy away from moments.  John Solomon has too much talent not to be a big time stock riser this summer.





2019 6’8” SF Jonny Lawrence, Q6 Allstars(FL) keep our attention immediately once he started putting plays together. His knack to finish from multiple spots on the floor made him very interesting.  Smooth stroke from outside, high IQ and can play in a system.  After i made a comment to Lawrence just wondering if he could play above the rim, he went out dunk a few in traffic and in transition to prove me wrong.  A forward with skills, nice frame which will continue to improve with Coach Willie Anderson.  As long has he stays aggressive, Mr. Lawrence will increase his recruitment.  He holds offers from Army, Semo and Presbyterian plus he has interest from Lafayette, Wofford, Dartmouth, UCF, and a host of others. He will have 15-20 offers before its all said and done. Lawrence is #1 in his class academically.





2019 PG Dominic Pugh, Q6 Allstars(FL) is very skilled at the PG position. Level headed player who could easily create advantages with the ball.  Pugh was able to get in the painted area with his head up looking for others to score. Pugh had no problem being aggressive as a first option or the last option when looking for opportunities.  His game speed and pace was dictated by defenders.  Wanted to see more of his outside shooting beyond the arc.  However, Pugh is a player with a standout game and he holds interest from FAU, Boston U, Presbyterian College, Butler University, College of Charleston.






2022 6’3” Emanuel Sharp, Skills Center Elite(FL) can legitimately give defenses problems with his use of size & versatility,  The young Sharp can play multiple positions, shoots the 3 ball and maximizes size to his advantage.  We viewed him last summer at the CP3 National Middle School Combine in NC and his standout play in the All star game kept him on our radar.  Sharp is strong enough to produce in the paint, shows good footwork and effective enough to handle ball in the perimeter against pressure.  Has he continues to tone up his frame with conditioning, look for this hybrid type player to have a solid rising 9th grade summer with his travel team Skill Center Elite.  Sharp will be on display in Vegas at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine (IMSC).





2021 6’1″ G Mike Trigg, Lakeland Fire was dominant playing in the 2021 and 2022 class.  Trigg who’s becoming a nice area prospect has a unique versatility when he shows his length especially on defense.  His long arm gives ample reach to be effective. Working on his perimeter defense against quicker guards will help.  For the most part, Trigg was able to wear down defenders with his size and give many opponents problems figuring how to guard him offensively in half court sets.  Pay attention to him!






2021 6’1″ SG CJ Crews, BAHE (FL) is a lefty with long range! Crews ability to stroke the 3 ball unconsciously is stunning.  The lefty can be unguarded once he gets in a zone and can easily put points together in bunches.   Crews is a gamer and a legit game changer just because what he can do beyond the arc at times.  With continues use of the weight room, Crews will continues to grow and develop, so remember his name.






2019 PG Christian DeLeon, Skills Center Elite (FL) is as confident has they come. His competitive nature and drive to compete is outspoken.  DeLeon is a true general and impact player with speed plus can be a nemesis to a coaches defensive scheme.  He can stand with most top guards on any giving day.  Would like to see him work on a consistent long ball to add to his arsenal.  you should see more interest and offers come for DeLeon this summer.











2020 6’5” Micheal Hatcher, Bay City Ballers (FL) has potential and his still growing. Plays with a nature to be very effective,  He’s a low key dominant player on the floor that will produce.




2018 6’0” PG CJ Williams, G1 (FL) out of Countryside HS showed he can produce, hit shots and compete.





2019 6’4” Jameel Wright, Team Speights (FL) was a man in the post, he’s a walking double double.  Strong and aggressive in the paint.





2020 6’3” G Gabriel Sharp gave a solid performance with 23 pts in the game we watched. Sharp is starting to make some noise in the Tampa Bay area, showing his size and skill.




2019 6’8” Johnny Brown, Q6 Allstars(FL) is new on the scene and another lefty who was effective this weekend. Has solid potential at the next level and can knock down that 10-15 foot shot while being effective around the basket.




2021 6’4” Willie Jones, Henson Select(FL). Newly transfer from Albany, NY is raw in talent. Gets out in transition, has length and is able to extend the floor.  Plays with a fire and stays in positions to score.




2021 6’5” G/F Xavier Washington, Bay City Ballers (FL) is a SLEEPER! Understands the game, strokes the long range ball and has the potential. Also his brother played at Missouri St. so watch him this summer as well.





Standout players you want to know:


  • 2019 6’0” PG Elijah Howell, Tampa Titans (FL)
  • 2020 6’1” G Akiem Nickerson, Central Florida Rising(FL)
  • 2018 6’0″ G Ty Quiroz, G1 (FL)
  • 2018 6’0″ G Treyvon Reiser, G1 (FL)
  • 2020 5’10” PG Noah Debose, Bay City Ballers (FL)
  • 2019 6’4″ SG Isaiah Ramsey, TMS (FL)
  • 2022 Micah Mckee, Skills Center Elite (FL)
  • 2021 PG Isaiah Reed, Tampa Titans (FL)
  • 2021 G Deon Brown, Bay Area Hoops Elite (FL)
  • 2022 Derrick Mitchell, Tampa Titans (FL)
  • 2023 G Braydin Samuels, Wellington Wolves (FL)
  • 2023 G Malaki Stears, Bay Area Elite
  • 2021 Jakob Stiglich, Tampa Titans (FL)
  • 2021 Chad Jones, Temple Terrace
  • 2021 PG Renaldo Garcia Jr., Henson Select
  • 2021 Henry Hughes Jr., Henson Select
  • 2019 Warren McLymont, Skills Center Elite
  • 2019 G Edgar Ziegler, Skills Center Elite (FL)
  • 2019 PG DeSean Woods, Q6 Allstars (FL)
  • 2019 F Gavine Antonie, Skills Center Elite (FL)
  • 2019 G Kevin Beans, Q6 (FL)
  • 2019 G Peyton Urbancic, TMS (FL)
  • 2021 G Earl Hubburt, Clearwater
  • 2019 6’2” G Byron Smith, Roysters Allstars

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