Q and A with Noah Hutchins, Park School (NY)

Conversation with 2019 6’1″ PG Noah Hutchins of Park School (NY)

Noah Hutchins of Park School(NY) is a PG that can cease the moment. Watched him last year perform in the EYBL ciruit in Atlanta with Albany City Rocks and was really impressed. The Buffalo, NY native has bounce, built for contact and just a good kid.


Q: Where are you playing travel ball that?

A: I’m playing for Albany City Rocks this year at the 17u level


Q: What are you doing to improve your game?

A: The main thing I’ve been working on lately is my game speed ..staying consistent with keeping my foot on the pedal the whole time.


Q: How has this past summer help you develop, what events did you participate in?

A: This summer gave me a feel of what I needed to improve on as well as what I need to do as a point guard to stand out from the rest.


Q: Give me something interesting about yourself?

A: Something interesting is that my love for baseball is as strong as it is for basketball people don’t know me as much as they do for baseball because I don’t travel to as many big tournaments as I do for basketball but I would say I’m as good of a baseball player as I am in basketball
I had .597 batting average while playing starting at shortstop.


Q: How is the season looking for your high school team and what impact do you give?

A: So far the season is going pretty well for us we’ve had a couple rough spots throughout the way, but it’s always about how you respond and I think we’re doing a pretty good job at learning from our mistakes….I think the main thing I can do is just keep encouraging and leading them. The harder I work, the harder they continue to work and also continue to follow. So my main goal is just to lead my team to the finish line victorious this year

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