Martin Luther King (MLK) Classic in Biloxi, MS Recap


Bilioxi, MI – BAH made our way to Biloxi, MI to witness some hidden gems in the Magnolia State.  Let me say that the Martin Luther King (MLK) Classic giving by Event Coordinator James Mapps displayed teams and prospects that were definitely eye catching. Check it out.

Teams that made a mark

  • 16U Championship winners W.A.W.G. Elite went undefeated and was the most consistent squad throughout the tournament.  Showcasing players with upside was easy for the Coaching staff.  They have distinct players who play their positions well.  2020 Standout PG N. Council was really efficient at the PG spot, making a difference on defense and showing vision when attacking the basket. Council didn’t shot has much from long range, but this can be a area to work for this quality PG who is very underrated.  2020 6’3” K. Jones is a sizable SG that makes himself available to score.  Jones is a walking double when he wants to be.  He flourishes around the rim grabbing offensive rebounds for put backs and running in transition.  Jones should work on his off the dribble pull ups and catch and shooting.

Players we liked: PG Cameron Holmes, SF Tyren Williams


  • The Gladiators who were the runner-ups, displayed a few guys with high potential.  The most athletic player in the tournament was no question lefty 2020 6’5” SF Cortez McCarty who displayed was every in the open floor, likes to score from the perimeter and secondary transition.  2020 PG D. Breland plays big boy ball at times, solid frame and strong! Easily can bully defenders but has to constantly do this to draw more attention.  Breland can be special!  2020 Cameron McDonald of the Gladiators was present on both ends of the floor.  McDonald is a X-factor when he is engaged scoring.  He does the little things on both ends and can quietly score points.  The Gladiators could have been champions but match up problems against W.A.W.G. who beat then twice hurt.


  • The team that was the most interesting to watch was the MS Bulldogs 15U who played up with a few 8th graders.  This organization has  teams that are on the rise.  The most intriguing prospect was 2021 6’5” Anthony Robinson, he has the potential and the upside to become something interesting.  Robinson can be an versatile elite player either playing the PG, SG or Wing.   At 6’5″ he’s smooth, effective and a good secondary ball-handler.  Once he learns his full abilities at his size he will be something to watch.  There 2022 PG Demarius Coleman was active and competitive.  Coleman is up and coming and should be on State and National Scouts radar.  Keep looking at Coleman has he continues to grow at Harris Central next year.  Highly State ranked 2021 6’5” F Carlous Williams is a strong athlete and able to play the 3-4 spots.  Williams is a dominant prospect and finishes at the rim.  When talking to Coach Dennis he stated ” We are very underrated but were looking to get more exposure this year“.

Players we like: Jacobi Moore


Best game with standouts:

Boston Next Level vs Pensacola Lightning

This game was back and forth with Pensacola Lightning defeating Boston Next Level 27-26.  A low scoring game but contained intensity and hard play.

2021 Caleb Young of the Pensacola Lightning was dynamic in a win over Boston Next Level.  Had 10 hard points which was almost half of their team output for the game.  Young knows how to get the rim, takes contact and finishes at the basket.  At 6’3″, Young is relentless and will attack defenders with the use of his length.

2021 Frederick Seabrough and Cedric Seabrough of Boston Next Level were big body bangers!  Strong fowards that can impact games. The twins will soak up contact and use there strength and power to control the paint.


The 8U/9U DMG Elite who was crowned champions of that division was the most exiting team to watch this past weekend.  While only suiting up 5 players however, played through tons off adversities.  Showing they were kids ready to win, they beat a sizable team in the Kissimmee Wildcats who just couldn’t get past the pressure of DMG.  PG Carson Crump was all over the court, playing full court defense, being the guy offensively and helped drive a team to be great.  Markel Sellers and Dallas Williams also did phenomenal work, giving energy plus were factors creating points off their defense to help.  Watch them below celebrate after a big win.



Young Standouts:

2025 Anthony Williams of Mo City Ballers had no problem being a go to target.  Played big in games, stayed in scoring positions and was the go to guy.

2027 G Khalil Fisher of Nola Hoopz was all over! Fisher has a good skill set and looks to be knowledgeable for his age.

SBG (10U) Elijah Garrett was special! Good movement, plays with urgency and is versatile at his age. Watch him!

2024 6’1” F Joseph Moore of the Alabama Dream showed activity, athleticism and ball handling abilities. Moore finished this weekend averaging 18.8 points and 15 rebounds a game.

9 yr old G Kam Smith of Team Hornets was a true leader.



Honorable Mentions:

  • Team M.A.D. (14U/15U) – Emmitt Beck and Jordany Sanchez
  • MS YoungStarz (8U/9U) – Eric Dampier Jr.
  • TBBG (8U/9U) – Mike Davis (4th grader) and Paul Irving (5th grader)
  • Madison Land Sharks (10U) – Kameron Snow and Sam Funcies
  • LA Bucks (10U) – Adrian Ardion
  • Kissimmee Wildcats (10U) – Helio Quinan and Jeremy Willmore
  • ATL Celtics (13U) – Lebbeus Overton
  • ALA Kings (10U) – Samual Dunn, Jermaine Tate and Dorian Tate




Take a look at the Recap video below




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