2017 Pangos AA Camp Top 60 Cream of the Crop

Cerritos, Calif. —This year BAH observed the 15th annual Pangos All-American Camp. Pango’s attracts some of the highly-anticipated players in the nation, and it solidifies their status amongst their nationally ranked peers. With more than 120 players listed at this event, we had the opportunity to identify the top elite upperclassmen and the premier 2019 class.

Players who were presented the Most Outstanding Player Award were:   2019 6’10” PF Charles Bassey of St. Anthony (TX) and 2019 6’2″ PG Cole Anthony of Archbishop Malloy (NY). Also after the top 30 game 2018 7’1″ C Moses Brown of Archbishop Malloy (NY) and 2018 6’9″ PF Reggie Perry of Thomasville (GA).


Here’s what we saw during our observation of the 3 day event:


Who stood out to us:

6’2″ PG Cole Anthony of Archbishop Malloy (NY), showed an unmatched skill set throughout the event.  Cole stood out like a sore thumb amongst an abundance of highly talented PG’s.  His phenomenal talents to create off the dribble, change speeds in the open court and the IQ to dominant a game is incredible.  It’s rare to witness a player of his level demonstrate poise and a level of confidence even when he’s uncomfortable, Cole has it all. He’ll remind you of players like Jason Kidd but with a bounce and a touch off athleticism.  The lefty, 6’4″ PG Elijah Weaver of Oldsmar Christian (FL) is coming! Weaver has been excelling in almost every event he has participated in.   Weaver is  PG first but with capabilities to score in multiple phases, Weaver creates space with use of a big first step and an elusive dribble, he also rebounds well as a big guard.  Reggie Perry of Thomasville (Ga) displayed his arsenal of balanced scoring. He displays a soft touch jumper but finishes with authority when he needs too.   2019 6’7″ SG Precious Achiuwa of Our Savior of Lutheran (NY) plays with a an extra gear at times.  Achiuwa is very effective making plays in transition that displayed his athleticism and competitiveness, all in all his stock will rise!

We couldn’t stop watching them:

2019 6’10” Kofi Cockburn, Christ the King (NY) showed he could bang in the post and be effective in half court settings.

2018 6’3″ PG Luther Muhammad, Hudson Catholic (NJ) was extremely active running the offense in the open floor.  Muhammad is an high energy player looking to make a play.

2019 6’3″ G Tre Mann, Villages School (FL) just made is stock rise this past weekend.  Disciplined and doesn’t force plays, stretches the floor and can play at a high level.

2018 7’1″ C Moses Brown, Archbishop Malloy (NY) — Brown was one of the camp’s top skilled post players.  We praised his alertness to protect the rim defensively and awareness in high screen/role action.

2018 7’0″C Bol Bol, Mater Dei, Santa Ana (CA) didn’t play the whole event but has incredible hands and range on his perimeter shot.

2019 6’10” C Charles Bassey, St. Anthony (TX) Bassey stock continues to rise, His strength and explosive while finishing was impressive.  Bassey was the best low post player that weekend.

2019 6’8″ F Omar Payne, Osceola (FL) was a first time participant at Pango’s but fit in and competed with the best.  Payne caught our eye has he scored 17 pts in against Charles Bassey. He’s able to rebound, block shots and run the floor.

2018 6’8″ F Darius Days, The Rock School (FL) is consistent with a high motor, runs the floor and has the ability to rebound. With is capabilities he can take larger Forwards off the dribble and stretch the floor to be a three point threat.

2019 6’4″ PG P.J. Fuller, Nathan Hale (WA) has a gift to explode in transition, split traps and extend at the basket.  Tied a game-high of 20 pts in the Top 60 game.

2018 6’4″ G Anfernee Simons, Edgewater (FL) is becoming a reliable impact player with skills to perform at a high level.  Moves extremely well with the ball off the bounce and will excel at the rim.

2018 6’5″ SG Kevin Porter, Rainer Beach(WA) is an intriguing player because of his size.  The lefty loves the mid range fade away and processes a element to be an effective passer.  Porter is an hard guard for most because he understands his capabilities especially against smaller players.

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