Super Live Recap Part 2


Lets jump into the young 2019/2018 top performers and sleepers from teams in last weekends Super Live event in Orlando.

*Team Knight(Played in the 16U division):
2020 6’2″ PG  Brandon Garcia– The 6-foot-2 PG is a heads up, tempo control player.  Garcia was a threat whenever in touched the ball because of his stability to create off the dribble and vision to locate players in the offense.  There’s so much to like about this kids game, he will become a talent player at the next level.
2020 6’4″ SG Ivan Reynolds– As a college build now!  He’s reliable and can produce points when needed.  He seems to pick up intensity has the game excels. Reynolds will compete and step up!
2020 6’5″ SG I. Tajalli– Knows where to be at all times.  Was the leading scorer for most of Team Knights games.  He is a walking double-double guy because of his knack to get offensive rebounds and absorb hits to get to the free throw line.  Tajalli is a trust worthy go to player and look for him to standout more as he grows. 
*Jacksonville Heat South:
2019 6’4″ SG DeWarren Bolden– Bolden was the most energetic and exciting player at the event.  Plays above the rim with an attitude and looks to take challenges on defense especially helping from the weak side.  His presence on the court was important for the Heat and we noticed that every time he would get transition with dunks or big plays it provided an boost of energy to his team.
2019 6’5″ SG Kevin Beans– His game is polished for his age.  Beans can produce when needed or manage the game at many levels.  He’s physically tough and will make opposing teams fold with his talents.
2019 6’0″ G Mitchell Miller– Has a sharp shooters skill, when watched in a 66-52 win over the  SA Warriors Black he drained 5 three’s ending the game with 17 points.  Miller is a threat in the half court set and will knock down comfortably the corner three ball. He’s a tough player to guard because of his movements in the offense.  So defenses have to limit their mistakes.
*Bay Area Hoops Elite:
2019 6’5″ SF Brandon Gainey– Very bouncing player with good instincts offensively.  Plays the baseline well, looks to be a compliment to a good PG.  His talents will grow so look for him to make an impact at Port Charlotte HS next season.
2019 6’1″ CG Norris Taylor– This kid has been on our radar for a few years now.  Coming from Sebring area in Florida, Taylor is a special athlete.  He’s tough and will play all 4 quarters.  He plays with a chip on his shoulders and he is the spark for his team.
*Chobee Nation Basketball:
2019 6’6″ F Jaquan Ferrol Need a productive big?  Well start watching Jaquan Ferrol, he’s a rim runner who’s very active in the paint.  His build makes him faster then most PF.  He can effect the game in other ways beside scoring.   Look for interest to build for Ferrol.  He has the potential to play in college.  
*South Florida Rockets:
2020 6’0″ PG Jermaine Dyges– Players of his capabilities will always standout.  Played up in the 16U division and looks to be groomed to perform on big stages.  Crafty, competes and effective on both ends.  Dyges will make the right play and will continue to be a player to watch.  
*The Nations Basketball:
2019 6’2″ G Tyrec Thompson– For his size he plays over the basket.  Plays with heart and plays edgy. He’s not afraid of challenges and steps up to be the guy at points in the game.  Look for him in the future.  


*SW Warriors Black:

2019 6’2″ G Marquess Burton– Moved exceptionally well in traffic for his size.  Burton is a big skilled PG with talents to be really good.  We watched him dismantle teams defenses with a crafty dribbling and finish at the rim. Love his game and we hope to see more of him in the future.






Honorable Players to Watch:

2019 CG Shemar Fleurissant, Bay Area Hoops Elite

2019 SF Wilbure Garcia, Florida Suns

2020 J. Johnson, Space Coast Stars

2019 6’9″ PF/C Johnny Brown, Jacksonville Heat South

2020 J. Haynes, Team Knight

2019 E. Brown, Team Knight

2019 CG Ro Burke, Bay Area Hoops Elite





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