M.O.A.M Youth Kickoff Tournament

Just this past weekend, teams from all over the State found their way to Apopka, FL for the M.O.A.M Youth Kickoff Tournament giving by FL USSSA .  From new teams and players to the ones we already know, the Kickoff Tournament displayed them all.

Top 4

Cari Henderson
Shambre Jackson

Cari Henderson of the 2022 Florida Prospect was the most intriguing player based on his attributes.  He has many qualities asked for in a rising SF and a competitive edge as well.  Cari makes use of length and wing span, moves well in transition plus extends the floor with a nice looking shot.  Henderson stock should rise as long as he competes against high level competition.  The 2021 Florida Force team has a player that’s willingly to give it all in the paint, PF Shambre Jackson will change opposing teams defenses because he brings a pounding edge to an offense.  The big framed kid will finish through contact but needs to work on a short range jump shot and become better conditioned to get up and down the floor.


Javaugh Platt
Charles Crews

A player that showed a high athletic skill level was 2021 SG Javaugh Platt of Team M.A.D!  Platt processes a smooth game, able to maneuver in traffic, uses a effective dribble and plays the game as he should.  Love to see more of his shooting abilities and leadership as he continues to grow.   Staying with 2021 teams, Bay Area Hoops Elite has a premier lefty guard that plays with a load of emotion.  2021 G Charles Crews has no problem when it comes to scoring.  Crews showed he can get hot from beyond the arc and get to the basket by using his dribble when needed.  Crews will have to work on being able to play through bad calls and stretches when he doesn’t have the ball.  Crews can play!




Rasheed Baldwin

Up and Coming ball player is 2022 Rasheed Baldwin of the Orlando Dream.  Baldwin has a good upside, he’s well coached and has a good understanding of the game.  He plays the 1-3 positions and as capabilities to be dominant.  Baldwin should work on strength and a little selfishness at times in games.







Top Team:

The most interesting team without a argument was the 2022 champions Florida Prospects.  The Prospects brought an excitement factor when you watched and their powered by a core of talented players; Jeremy Torres, Cari Henderson, Mari Henderson and Fabio Basil.  This team pressed, played with energy and has skill at multiple positions.  The Prospects have a determination to win by big numbers.  Look for this team to make some noise this travel season.



For all other winning teams follow link: https://twitter.com/FLAUSSSAHOOPS1

Here’s the standouts we notice:

  • 2021 Donald Gatlin, Bay Area Hoops Elite
  • 2021 Bobby Branch, Florida Force
  • 2021 Earl Lombardi, Florida Force
  • 2021 Larry Bagley, Bay Area Hoops Elite
  • 2021 William Held, Florida Force
  • 2021 Deon Brown, Bay Area Hoops Elite


  • 2022 Jeremy Torres, Florida Prospects
  • 2022 Tyshon Platt, Team M.A.D!
  • 2022 Braylon Burbridge, Weston Wolfpack
  • 2022 Iverson Yacinthe, Weston Wolfpack
  • 2022 Mari Henderson, Florida Prospects
  • 2022 Jason Morris, Weston Wolfpack
  • 2022 Rasheed Baldwin, Orlando Dream
  • 2022 Fabio Basil, Florida Prospects
  • 2022 Trey Lane, SYI Spartans


  • 2023 John Gamble, Team M.A.D!
  • 2023 Ja’lon Cole of Holiday Hoops
  • 2023 Jayshon Platt,Team M.A.D!
  • 2023 Miles Weston, Team M.A.D!
  • 2023 Tynan Beckor, Team M.A.D!


  • 2024 Aaron Moss, Weston Wolfpack
  • 2024 Arkese Park, Tampa Titans
  • 2024 Donnovan Williams, E1T1 Rebels


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