Florida Vipers USBA Winter Festival

The Florida Vipers hosted their USBA Middle School Florida Vipers Winter Festival last weekend.  As teams and parents converged on the Boca Roton, FL area for two days of competitive basketball, we got to watch some teams and player.  Here’s what we witnessed.


8th Grade Division:

czwtfyjukaawbvy czwtkxeuaaae2yuThe Florida Vipers who were the 8th Grade division champions had good chemistry and played team basketball throughout the tournament.  Not a big sized team but showed consistent play as a team on both ends.  2021 PG Gavin Ostrow and 2021 SG Kenneth Kelly jr. were the players that stood out.  Ostrow is very solid and composed for a PG.  His ball handling skills were effective but not creative, however he can produce at that position.  When watching SG Kenneth Kelly play, it was good to watch a kid who just plays the sport hard and with passion.  Kelly is a stat filler combo guard who can be a difference maker in games.

Players we liked:

  • 2021 SG Ahmad Watkins, Florida Future
  • 2021 Craig Starks, Florida Lightning Supreme
  • 2021 F Jeremiah Martin, Hoop Pursuits
  • 2021 SF Thaderrius Davis, Florida Lightning Supreme


7th Grade Division:

czav6jmveaafpbi czav8eyveaayg6d czawaahusaayjdlThe 7th grade Florida Vipers ran the table in the bracket and looked convincing behind the play of PG Gunner Walters, SG Jayden Brown and PF Jacob Osias.  The Vipers stayed consistent with there full court defensive pressure and discipline.  They attacked loss balls and made it hard for teams to respond offensively.  Gunner Walters whose the son of Ex-NBA player Rex Walters has a lefty jumper that’s just has smooth as his dads and displayed the heart of a champion.  Gunner is a definite a player to watch grow.  SG Jayden Brown was the recipient for most of the passes from Gunner Walter and visibly the most energetic player.  Brown plays both ends and seems to be the heartbeat for that team.  But the most intriguing player may have been PF Jacob Osias, he has the tools to be developed and the size to be dominant.  Osias showed posting abilities to be effective and hustle that’s wanted at any level.

Players we liked:

  • 2022 PF Mike Vasquez, Elite Warriors


6th Grade Division:

czvupypw8aihhj2The Florida Lightning Supreme 2023 team looks to have some special pieces.  Being a new team in the state and obtaining a player in 5’11” Kuran Bryant who is a force able to play the 1-5 positions on the court, the Florida Lightning Supreme will be dominant.  Bryant length and vision was key when viewing him, he caused problems when playing the PG spot plus the his abilities to slash and rebound was phenomenal.





Players we liked:

  • 2023 G Chandler Francois, Team Breakdown
  • 2023 G Devontae Jean, Team Breakdown
  • 2023 Amare Sanders, Florida Lightning Supreme
  • 2023 Jamal Hagger, Florida Lightning Supreme


5th Grade Division:

czuz_agxaaamygSouth Florida Ascenders has a good team over there! Very solid chemistry, coaching, energy and upside.  2024 Adrian Shakelton stood out has a kid who did it all when needed.  He hustled, defended the best opposing player and scored in multiple ways.  Lets keep a watch on this team and there development.







Players we liked:

  • 2024 Zachary Jabr, South Florida Ascenders
  • 2024 Carlos Mallett, Florida Vipers
  • 2024 Delven Dorsonne, Team Breakdown
  • 2024 Jordan Brown, South Florida Ascenders
  • 2024 Manual Hernandez, South Florida Ascenders


Championship teams were as follows:

8th grade division winners:

Florida Vipers



7th grade division winners:

Florida Vipers



6th grade division winners:

Florida Lightning Supreme



5th grade division

South Florida Ascenders



4th grade division winners:

Florida Vipers



3rd grade division winners:

Ball by Design


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