Hillsborough County 2015-2016 Predictions

 bay area hoops

6A District 7


  • Chamberlain
  • King
  • Hillsborough
  • Brandon
  • Blake
  • Armwood




Players to watch:

2016 PG Romillio Fields, 2018 G Messiah Turner, (Brandon HS)

  • Fields and Turner have become a back court to be respected. Look for Fields to be up-tempo and Turner to be very aggressive.  Outside shooting can be a problem if forced to half court options.

2017 F Shomari King, (Armwood HS)

  • King is showing growth, a very active player that’s drives from the defensive end to produce his offense. 

2018 G Myikel Wilson, (Chamberlain HS)

  • Wilson is a physical athlete who plays with confidence on both ends.

2016 F Kristian Hardy (Blake)

  • He’s going to have do a lot at Blake and definitely be a stat filler.


Game to Watch:

Brandon vs Armwood (12/11 @ Brandon HS, 6:30 pm)



Jefferson HS controlled the district last year but they are rebuilding in another district. Armwood was last year’s district runner up and the Hawks are now in a position to be a favorite.  They have tenacious full court defense and some very good key players such as: Jonah Johnson, Chris Jones and Shomari King. It will be an interesting fight between Brandon and Armwood but I’m predicting that Armwood will win. Coach Ward at Hillsborough is hoping to get some good play from Dexter Stallworth and Bryce Morange.  Chamberlain and Coach Schneider have a true sleeper in Myikel Wilson who will be a foundation to their program.


3A District 7


  • Tampa Prep
  • Seffner Christian
  • Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic
  • Carrollwood Day
  • Cambridge Christian



Seffner Christian

Players to watch:

2016 PG Tyson Ward, 2018 F Trey Sibert, 2017 PG Amari Goulbourne(Tampa Prep)

  • Ward is without star Forward Juwan Durham this year and will have to be aggressive all year.  Ward will have to lead his Terrapins teammates and be a strong presence in big games.
  • Trey Sibert will have to step up in the post and have a stellar year.  He has good size and capabilities to be a double double guy.
  • Goulbourne has to control his quickness to be the lead guard and put other players in positions to make a difference.  He can play and be what is needed for the Terrapins.

2017 F Derek Webster, Seffner Christian

  • Webster must continue to be the work horse for the Crusaders to win.  He has put on more muscles and looks great.  He is the key for Seffner.

2018 PG Caleb Young, 2018 PG Jaylin Jackson, 2018 PF Richard Gouraige (Cambridge Christian)

  • Here’s another trio that will make some noise for Coach Goodman. 

Game to Watch:

Seffner Christian vs Tampa Prep (12/8 @ Seffner Christian, 7:30 pm)

Seffner Christian vs Cambridge Christian (12/4 @ Cambridge Christian, 7:30 pm)

Prediction: Seffner Christian finished the regular season with a 18-11 record overall and a 4-4 district record.  The Crusaders who have been playing second to powerhouse Tampa Prep in past years have a great chance in taking the district this year.   Last season, Tampa Prep dominated this district but with injuries to UConn commit Juwan Durham and the departure of Brooks Debartolo, the crusaders are a favorite.  The Terrapins have a stud at the PG in Tyson Ward and some sleeper players but will they get enough from them to continue to control this district.  Cambridge Christian who won 2A district 7 last year has some young PG’s in Young and Jackson plus big guy Richard Gouraige (all-american football player) that will cause some problems to Tampa prep and Seffner Christian.  But look for emerging Crusader players Derek Webster, Darius Lue, Reid Walker and X-factor Donald Jordan to produce and help Seffner win this district.


7A District 9


  • Strawberry Crest
  • East Bay
  • Lennard
  • Tampa Bay Tech
  • Plant City
  • Durant
  • Bloomingdale



Plant City

Players to watch:

2018 G Ricardo Clouden, Lennard HS

  • Clouden has a chance to become a player of interest in the area.  Lets see how he handles the expectations.

2017 G Jordan White, Strawberry Crest HS

  • White is coming along with his development.  With the loss of Isaiah Channer, he has to step up and be a leader for the Chargers to compete in this district.  They will need consistent play from 2016 F Emory Williams and 2016 G Reinard Burke.

2016 PG Erick Hernandez, 2017 G Tyler White, 2016 F Justin Hughes (Durant HS)

  • This is the trio that we have been waiting to dominant and the have another chance to prove it.

2017 G Tariq McKeplhin, Plant City

  • McKelphin is a run, jump and dunk athlete but with the help from some of the younger players such has 2019 F Justyn King and 2018 PG Matt Simpson  this team can win some games.

2016 SG Drew Bethoney, 2017 F Trent Weinhert, (Bloomingdale HS)

Bethoney should be able to spread the floor out with his shooting abilities and Weinhert has improved athletically that will help the Bulls win some games.

Game to Watch:

All games in this district are factors!



This district will be fun to watch. Teams such as Strawberry Crest , East bay and Tampa bay Tech has lost impact players and are looking to develop young players to make a push. Look out for Crest and its freshman class of Romaire Burke, Jadyn Strawder, Jalen Brown and Austin White. Plus East bay has a young player in Jose Romero thats will contribute. Lennard takes a blow losing Coach Gaddis plus Durant and Bloomingdale needs a turn around seasons but are equipped with players to compete. TBT is still filling in voided areas this year.  You’ll see plays made by Tyrick Brascom, Tykeal Nelson and Javon Dilsworth.  They will need some input from big fella Rashad Austin. The most interesting team and the team expected to win will be Plant City. Since bringing over former Coach Teeden of East Bay who is a proving winner and along with the impact players he has now they should have the edge to win.


7A District 8


  • Sickles
  • Steinbrenner
  • Freedom
  • Wiregrass Ranch
  • Gaither
  • Plant
  • Leto
  • Wharton




Players to watch:

2016 PG David Jones, 2017 F Giles Jones (Leto)

  • David Jones is a special player to watch.  May lead to county in scoring this year.  If Giles Jones can come in and be an extra punch for Coach Stewart watch out for this bunch.

2017 PG Marcus Cohen, 2016 SG Terrence Nelson, 2018 F Bryce Workman (Sickles)

  • As long as Cohen is confident and able to be a general there will be a chance they can sneak out of this district.  Terrence Nelson is their X-factor.  He can score and be a difference maker for Coach Garcia.

2016 F Sheldon Odunna, 2017 SF Chase Creasy (Freedom)

  • Sheldon Odunna he’s a do it all player that produces.  Look for Chase Creasy to be a scoring threat.

2016 PG Raquan Waller, 2018 SG Trevor Blackmon, 2018 Darius Hopkins, (Gaither)

  • New talent in the area Raquan Waller is a hard guard for other PG’s in this district, look for him and Trevor Blackmon Darius Hopkins to make Gaither contenders.

2018 PG Dylan Wilson, 2018 G Ronald Boyd, (Plant)

  • Transferring from TBT, Wilson will add more toughness in the backcourt along side high IQ Ronald Boyd  who has a good work ethic and will make plays.  Hopefully chemistry will not be an issue.
  • 2017 G Dae’Son Barnes, 2017 PG Travyon Gildon, 2018 G Isaiah Thomas, (Wharton)
  • This is an active trio, offensively they can score but let’s see if size will be an issue when facing Sickles or Freedom.

Game to Watch:

Freedom vs Sickles (11/20 @ 6:30 pm, Freedom HS)

Leto vs Freedom ( 11/18 @ 6:30 pm, Leto HS)

Wharton vs Brandon (12/3 @6:30 pm, Brandon HS)


This is the most competitive district in the county.  It’s loaded with impact players and teams geared to be district champions.  Freedom is back to back winners but will be threatened by Sickles.  Look for Jr. F Bryce Beamer of Sickles.  Keep an eye on Freedom’s 6’6” F Alex Oguinn who transferred from TX.  The dark horse contenders are Gaither and Wharton HS.  It’s unfortunate that Leto comes into this district this year because they have improved so much behind the play of David Jones and depending on their new acquisitions will they have enough to be legit contenders.  Steinbrenner will miss Jack Frank but hopefully the new pieces will be a factor.  Wharton has some players that will contribute 2018 DJ Henderson and 2016 Josiah Crawford.  Plant’s new transfer Dylan Wilson will be interesting to watch and Herbie Ramos should be effective.  Look for Freedom to win this district again behind the play of  but it will be close.


5A District 9


  • Middleton
  • Jesuit
  • Robinson
  • Spoto
  • Jefferson




Players to watch:

2018 SF Tyrese Williams, Spoto HS

  • Williams has the tools to be a top player in the county. He needs to focus on being a go to guy and needs to lead at all times.

2017 G Stevie Darst, 2018 PG Thierry Moliere (Jesuit)

  • A young back court but they’re capable to make plays.  Looking for big things from this duo.

2016 SG Cameron Padget, Jefferson HS

  • Padget has good length, size and has a knack to score.  But may not have enough to help the Dragons repeat as district champs.

Game to Watch:

Jesuit vs Tampa Catholic (1/8 @ 7:30, Tampa Catholic HS)


This district is usually headed by Jesuit. But this year Jesuit is not as strong because of the loss of graduating impact seniors who made up the bulk of their scoring.  The bench and x-factor players such as DJ Snyder will help Jesuit.  Middleton always seems to keep some athletes but coaching changes could be a factor.  Look for Spoto to be better and with up and coming SF Tyrese Williams and C Avery Diggs they can be competitive.  Jefferson behind Coach Hayes will be rebuilding but he will get some help from SF Cam Padget.  Look for Coach Goldman and the Jesuit Tigers to continue to win this district.


8A District 6


  • Manatee
  • Riverview(Sarasota)
  • Newsome
  • Riverview
  • Alonso




Players to watch:

2017 SG Joe Stone, Riverview HS

  • Joe Stone is a game changer plus he finishes at the rim when healthy.  Riverview needs him to play hard every game this season to compete with Newsome.

2016 PG Isayah Franklin, 2017 PG Nick Stuck, 2017 SG Brenden Miller (Newsome)

  • Here’s another trio that will be effective because they play well in a disciplined system giving by Coach Jacobs.

2017 PF Robert Gadson III, Alonso HS

  • Gadson is coming along and hopefully can be a steady option for Coach Price.

2017 G Brion Whitley, Riverview(Sarasota)

  • Whitley is durable and can score.

Game to Watch:

Riverview vs Newsome (12/8 @ 6:30 pm, Riverview HS)


Newsome is not as strong as they were last year when they won this district but the coaching (Coach Barry Jacobs) is the same and they will be solid.  Isayah Franklin and Nick Stuck both have improved and look for those two to be major factors this year.  Joe Stone’s growth and understanding his capabilities to lead his team will determine how far Riverview HS will go.  Riverview (Sarasota) won last year but with mostly senior play. New addition in 2017 6’4″ G Brion Whitley will be an impact.  Alonso has some young players and may not have enough fire power to contend with Newsome and Riverview.  But they do have a rising player in 2019 PG Christian DeLeon.  I’m leaning towards the new comer to the district Newsome to win.


4A District 9


  • Berkeley Prep
  • Tampa Catholic
  • Sarasota Military Academy
  • Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate
  • Cardinal Mooney
  • Clearwater Central Catholic



Tampa Catholic

Players to watch:

2017 SF Kevin Knox, 2016 SG Thomas Dziagwa, 2018 PG Tai Strickland, (Tampa Catholic)

  • Top prospect Kevin Knox and Thomas Dziagwa(Oklahoma St. commit) will be a scoring tandem and if 2018 PG Tai Strickland can be a pass first guard he could lead the county in assist. 

2017 F Craig Hall, 2016 SG A’Keem Sims, (Brooks DeBartolo Colligiate)

  • Hall since transferring from Steinbrenner has been developing to be a stretch 4 and should be very productive this year. While his counterpart Sims is looking more and more confident.

2016 F Jacob Mathis, 2017 F Kaleeyl Findlay, (Berkeley Prep)

  • This team with Mathis and Findlay are always consistent.  They play hard and can cause problems for most teams. 

Game to Watch:

Berkeley Prep vs Tampa Catholic (1/5 @ Berkeley Prep 7:30 pm)


This district is always interesting and with Brooks DeBartolo coming over it should be real close.  X-factors Ty Forman, Johnnyn Lampkin, Jonathan Simmons and Brandon Hale of Brooks DeBartolo can do what’s needed to give Brooks a chance.  Berkeley Prep’s front court is stout.  With Jacob Mathis, Kaleeyl Findlay and Nick Petit-Frere they will control the glass.  Look for 2019 G Casey Constant to be a factor.  But i think its Tampa Catholic’s year to win.

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