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Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

In a City near YOU!



Be First!

This past weekend, we were able to catch Team M.O.A.M.’s Kickoff Showdown which took place at the Orlando Sports Complex(OSC) in Orlando, FL.  This USSSA event featured teams in the 6-9,10 and 12th grade divisions.  Team M.O.A.M is attracting the top teams, so the competition was fierce.

Here’s the list of All-Tournament teams and standouts:



Some of these guys easily could have been on the All-Tournaments teams. 

Tournament Standouts:

6th grade:

  • Tampa Titans: Jalen Harris, Isaiah Reed
  • Rising Stars: Mario Bynes, Jaiden Robertson

7th grade:

  • Weston WolfPack: Dudley Blackwell
  • SF Wplverines: Jermaine Dyges, Roger McFalrone, Andre Volmar
  • Team 360: Anthony Deron
  • Team Hoop: David Nix
  • Thunder Struck: Nain Murphy

8th grade:

  • Team 360: Malik Hinson, Damon Thompson
  • Ormond Beach: Kevin Beans
  • Bay Area Hoops Elite: Romaire Burke
  • Orangemen: Zanien Smith, Dushune Valentin, Zavien Morales
  • Tampa Titans: Justyin King
  • Team Moam: Tyler Krivitzkin, Thaizjae Hupburn
  • Power Basketball: Michael Tador, Tyler March, Cohnan Lightbourne
  • City: Colin Reeves
  • SF Elite: Tim Hudson, Ezekiel Willaimsonbey
  • LA4: James Pursley, Tre Hines


9th grade:

  • Power Basketball: D. James
  • SEBA Select: Isaiah Bellemy, Richard Gouraige
  • USBA Hornets: Nigel Brooks
  • West Coast Florida Magic: Alec Sherman
  • ThunderStruck: Jeremiah Tisme, Terly Ivory

10th grade:

  • SEBA Select: Isaiah Bellaxy, Richard Gourige
  • Treasure Coast Shooters: Matt Sammons, Joseph Christie, Tyson Jumars, D. Joseph, R. Harris, Tristin Simmons
  • Power Basketball: Brandon Francois, James Ametepe
  • Orangemen: Angel Gonzalez

12th grade:

  • Fort Pierce: Barry Bailey, Anthony Krighton
  • Filling The Lane: Devante Hughes, Deshawndric Nelus



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