This past weekend, we were able to catch Team M.O.A.M.’s Kickoff Showdown which took place at the Orlando Sports Complex(OSC) in Orlando, FL.  This USSSA event featured teams in the 6-9,10 and 12th grade divisions.  Team M.O.A.M is attracting the top teams, so the competition was fierce.

Here’s the list of All-Tournament teams and standouts:



Some of these guys easily could have been on the All-Tournaments teams. 

Tournament Standouts:

6th grade:

  • Tampa Titans: Jalen Harris, Isaiah Reed
  • Rising Stars: Mario Bynes, Jaiden Robertson

7th grade:

  • Weston WolfPack: Dudley Blackwell
  • SF Wplverines: Jermaine Dyges, Roger McFalrone, Andre Volmar
  • Team 360: Anthony Deron
  • Team Hoop: David Nix
  • Thunder Struck: Nain Murphy

8th grade:

  • Team 360: Malik Hinson, Damon Thompson
  • Ormond Beach: Kevin Beans
  • Bay Area Hoops Elite: Romaire Burke
  • Orangemen: Zanien Smith, Dushune Valentin, Zavien Morales
  • Tampa Titans: Justyin King
  • Team Moam: Tyler Krivitzkin, Thaizjae Hupburn
  • Power Basketball: Michael Tador, Tyler March, Cohnan Lightbourne
  • City: Colin Reeves
  • SF Elite: Tim Hudson, Ezekiel Willaimsonbey
  • LA4: James Pursley, Tre Hines


9th grade:

  • Power Basketball: D. James
  • SEBA Select: Isaiah Bellemy, Richard Gouraige
  • USBA Hornets: Nigel Brooks
  • West Coast Florida Magic: Alec Sherman
  • ThunderStruck: Jeremiah Tisme, Terly Ivory

10th grade:

  • SEBA Select: Isaiah Bellaxy, Richard Gourige
  • Treasure Coast Shooters: Matt Sammons, Joseph Christie, Tyson Jumars, D. Joseph, R. Harris, Tristin Simmons
  • Power Basketball: Brandon Francois, James Ametepe
  • Orangemen: Angel Gonzalez

12th grade:

  • Fort Pierce: Barry Bailey, Anthony Krighton
  • Filling The Lane: Devante Hughes, Deshawndric Nelus


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