A Talk with Peyton Walker


There are qualities that make up student-athletes and for the most part the best qualities are in the ones with GOALS!  After speaking with Peyton Walker of Seffner Christian Academy it seems to be clear she is focused and prepared.  She is a true teammate and as she quoted ” I love my team and wouldn’t ask to be with anyone else!


Tell me something interesting about you?

Well I lived in Europe for eight years 4 years in Germany and four in Belgium!


What drives you to be Great?

I think what drives me to be great is God he put all these Great things in my life so I should be grateful and work hard for him!


Hows your academics?

My academics are good right now I have a 3.78.


What’s your plans for college?

My plans for college are I want to play at a D1 college and get a education.   So I’m working hard to earn that right now!


What your plans for AAU?

I’m so pumped for AAU it seems like it’s gonna be another great year (Tampa Thunder) and a lot of great girls are coming out and I’m excited to see my teammates again!