Our Top 10 Boy’s Basketball Teams….Who’s Yours?

  1. Tampa Prep – ” With the abilities of Morgan (Butler signee) along with upcoming Josh heath there are big things ahead for Prep.”
  2. Wharton – “Returning CJ McGill and the emerging of Troy Holston will make their district  interesting.”
  3. Berkley Prep – With Justin Grey along with Aghlor and Barnes makes a great Trio.” 
  4. Jesuit – A Very fundamental team that still has the presence of Travis Johnson in the paint and the shooting of Flemming.”
  5. Chamberlin – “Returning High scoring Reggie Hart is enough.”
  6. East Bay – “After coming off a great season East Bay is posed to make a solid run.”
  7. Strawberry crest – “Transfer stud Brandon Channer and the high flying of Devin Diggs will once again be a over achieved basketball team.”
  8. Robinson– “The duo of Tre lenard and Justin Madison.”
  9. Bloomingdale – “Return Ryan bethoney and rising star George Brammeier (6’9″) is a must see.”
  10. Blake – “Good things can happen with Quincy Mitchell.”

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