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Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

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Tampa Perp vs Seffner Christian 12/11/12

Tampa Perp vs Seffner Christian 12/11/12

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by December 11, 2012 BAH Basketball

Tampa Prep (7-0) beats Seffner Christian (5-3)  78-38 and proved to be too much for the Crusaders.   Barrett Swartz the leading scorer for the Crusader’s ended with 12 pts and Soph. Kent Hegarty with 19 pts.   Ephraim Lavey III finished with 17 pts for the Terrpins and started the game with 3 three point baskets.  Freshman phenom Juwan Durham finished with 13 pts, Adonis Rwagbigwi added 12 pts and Josh Heath with 11 pts.

Juwan DurhamBarrett SwartzIMGP9395Barrett Swartz and Adonis Rwabigwi


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