John Lucas All-Star Weekend March 6-8, 2020 by Darnell Johnson

Houston, TX – First and foremost I like to apologize for not having this write-up done in a timely manor. We all know what’s going in this country and like everybody else i had to get my family in order. I wanted to make sure this write-up got out and some of the outstanding performers of that weekend got recognize.



Standouts Below:
2025 Damajay Richardson G (Mac Irvin Fire)
He’s a young pit bull, that has the Chicago guard mentality. That’s stay in attack mode. He has outstanding handles.
2025 Edwin Duling G (Mac irvin Irvin)
He can play both positions, but seems better off the ball and in scoring mode. He was a pit bull defender
2024 Tayshawn Bridges G (Playground Elite)
My opinion by far, he was the most talented player of the weekend. There’s nothing he cant do on the court. He’s strong with the ball and he’s a tremendous athlete. If one word I would use to describe him would be ‘Goon’.
2025 Elijah Favela G/F (SA Future)
He has a good feel and a very good skill set. He has sweet looking shot and can stroke from deep. He can play inside out.
2024 Sean Dalberg G/F (HCI Storm)
He’s a long crafty lefty that knows how to score. He very successful getting to his sweet spots.
2024 Eric Meijia G (NY Gauchos)
He has that smooth silky game. He’s a guard with a sweet stroke and can knock it’s down from deep.
2024 Jaylen Pray F (NY Gauchos)
He’s a physical bouncy combo wing who runs the floor like a greyhound. He plays with reckless abandon and stayed aggressive on both ends.
2024 Jahkiaus Jones G (Freebandz)
He’s a strong pit bull guard that stays on attack. He’s also goon in defensive end.
2024 Michal Turner G (Freebandz)
He’s a very quick and heady point guard that has a good feel and is very savy. He got to the the basket with ease.
2024 Mercy Miller G (HHBC Louisiana)
His big combo guard that’s attacks with physicality and finished with contact. He can shoot the 3.
2024 Harvey Broussard F (HHBC Louisiana)
He’s long and bouncy and can really get up and down the court finish at the rim. He defended 94 feet.
2024 Rodney Fields G (Oklahoma Chaos)
He came in from day one on attack and played that way the whole camp. He got to the cup and will and was punishing when he got there. He played with a non-stop motor.
2024 Michael Graham PG (Oklahoma Chaos)
He just knows how to play. He was great at getting his teammates involved and consistently making the right play. He hit timely jumpers and was a good on ball defender.
2026 Fred Smith G/F (Campbell Elite)
He was long and skilled and played with good patience. He had nice touch around basket and didn’t take many bad shots. He was very efficient from the field.
2026 Maleek Simeus F (Houston Hoops Blue Chips)
He is a goon plays multiple positions from point to post up. He stayed very aggressive and played within himself.
2025 Zane Restelli F (We Get Buckets)
He long skilled and tough and made things happen all weekend. He just makes me winning plays. He can shoot the shot the lights out all weekend. He had nice post moves.
2025 Ramireon Taylor G (We Get Buckets)
He’s a cocky physical attack guard. He guards 94 feet from the tip until the last whistle. He made big play after big play.
2025 Cameron Sparks F/C (We Get Buckets)
For his age, he had very good post moves. He scored around the basket with both hands. He was good at popping out and hitting the 10 footer.
2024 Justin Begg G (Houston Hoops Blue Chips)
He was jet quick and one of the fastest players in the tournament by far. He was major disrupter on both ends. He was difference maker all weekend.
2024 Luke Coughran F (Houston Hoops Blue Chips)
If you left him open it was money. He shot the the ball consistently from the college 3 point line. He was also deadly off the dribble.
2024 TJ Williams W (Team Griffin)
A very athletic and active wing. He fills the lane well on the break. He defends multiple positions.
2024 Dayton Forsyth G (Team Griffin)
He’s lead guard on one of the best AAU teams in the country. He plays all at three levels and is a very high IQ player.
2024 Jamon Valentine G (Team Griffin)
He’s a long skilled wing does a lot of his work from the perimeter. He can put the ball on the floor and has a nice midrange game.
2024 Devontae Jean W (BCA)
For his age he has great body and is very athletic. He needs to work on footwork and post moves are decent. He plays hard on both ends.
2026 Oneal Delancy G (SPSA)
He’s active, showed a great IQ and an asset on the floor.  Delancy defended well, while being a scorer on the other end.
2024 Ian Smikle G (BCA)
He’s a solid lead guard that plays within himself. He Played well that weekend made good decision and was tough on both ends.
2024 Stone Burea G (BCA)
He’s a quick heady guard that has excellent feel and plays beyond his grade. He made big shots and big plays all weekend. He has very good instincts on defense.
2024 Noel Davis G (Seattle Rotary)
He’s a silky smooth pg, that sees all the floor. He was one of the best shooters that weekend.
2024 Dupree Fletcher PG (KL Power5)
He’s a jet quick, tough as nails point guard that hit big shots all weekend. He had an excellent feel and had deep range on his jump shot.
2024 Quiton Lomax G/F (KL Power5)
He set the tone from the first game of the tournament and played great all the way through. He average over 20 points over the weekend. He played with reckless abandon and stayed on constant attack. He can scored in a variety of ways.
2026 Todd Talon F (SA Future)
He’s a long point-forward type. He scores it and facilitates. He’s active and versatility on the defensive side. He plays and guards pretty much any position at the 6th grade level.

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