BKD Middle School showcase was Rich in TALENT!

The second session of the 2018 Breakdown Showcase, BKD Middle School was rich with talented players.  There was a variety of young, bright and blooming players who were ready to shine.  The talent ranged from participants who are nationally known and some who were new to the circuit.  We paced the all of the players through a series of game scenario drills and full court game play.


Joel Harrison

2023 G Joel Harrison, Benito MS (FL) is very skillful at the PG spot. An absolute explosive guard who’s good at camouflaging his arsenal.  Harrison has the speed and power to get to the rim at any time, he is maturing into the guard position with good mechanics; he’s becoming extremely deadly. He is an advanced player for his age group and was one of the top players at the showcase.

2023 G David Delancy from Franklin MS (FL) stood out as perhaps the most impactful player in the group.  He’s starting be  recognized as a solid versatile guard; who, at 6’2 is primarily playing the point guard position.  Delancy also showed he can make some defensive plays . He’s growing into his own and is headed in the right path in becoming a good prospect.  HIs story is still being written. 

2023 SG Tristan Gross out of Skycrest Christian (FL) is an intriguing guard that has the ability to draw out defenders and put them in uncomfortable positions.  Gross uses his lanky frame to make plays and hit shots from deep.  He is improving his game and could become a multi faceted basketball player.  Looking forward to watching him continue to develop both his game and physically.

2023 G Jordan Lanier, Franklin Boys Prep Academy (FL)  maybe undersized but he’s tight and quick with his handle, makes good quick decisions off the bounce and a natural talent with the ball in his hands. He can change the pace of a game with use of his speed.  He’s an athletic 2 way player, he can go far in his development, plus he’s not afraid to mix it up with opponents. Watch him as he continues to mature and standout.

David Delancy, Tristan Gross, Jordan Lanier and Jaylen Smith
2026 PG Evan Roberts of Wakeland Elementry (FL) will give it “ALL” to you offensively! He might be undersized but he has manytools.  We watched him get out of numerous traps and breakdown opponents.  Roberts keeps cool when defenders pressure him, he’s smooth with his ball handling and we’re definitely look forwarding to watching him progress.  Remember this 5th GRADE!
2023 PG Jaylen Smith, Ocoee MS (FL) is on his way to becoming something special. Smith has improved at every BKD showcase, he will be another top guard in the class. The lefty is quick and fluid with the ball in his hands, but also has some naturally crafty instincts that allows him to set himself apart of the rest.  He displays a good fundamental stroke and he has a very high IQ.  Smith will exploit the mis-matche!
2023 PG Evon Falconer Jr., McClane MS (FL) is a new comer to the BKD But he fit in really fast.  Falconer was one of the best ball handlers in the field, he showed off his skills with booklet of separation moves and finishing well through contact at the basket.  The flashy guard left a mark on the scouts and people in attendance on why he should be a name to remember.
Evon “Neil” Falconer Jr. driving to the basket



BKD Notables:

2023 6’2” Antrevious Monroe, Greco MS (FL) has the length to be a good defender. Altered shots and mixed it up in the paint.  Monroe, with continued growth and development can be a special guy around the basket.

2023 G William Willard, Wilson MS (FL) did some good things in drill work stations. Hit some big shots in a few games.  Willard plays with determination and heart, a bit undersized but will give 110% at all times.

2023 Tynan Becker, Woodland MS (FL) played well, he was consistant and played with a free will.  Becker has the tools and showed he can hit shots, compete and be a factor.

2024 PG Austin White, Mulrennan MS (FL) is 1 of 4 brothers who have come through the BKD and looks like he may be the best one.  White started catching our eye towards the end with is shooting and dribbling. He didn’t back down from competition.

2023 G Kyle Stewart, plays with energy and competiveness.  Capable of being a good 2 way players.

2023 G/F Henry Hurst, is big, strong bodied and a downhill runner.  Once he got the ball he was headed to the basket with full steam.



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