NCAA Recruiting Calendar

The recruiting calendar allows high school basketball players to sign National Letters of Intent twice during the year. Other dates to watch out for in 2011-’12:

Aug. 1-Sept. 8: Quiet period
Sept. 9-Oct. 5: Contact period
Oct. 6-Nov. 6: Evaluation period
Nov. 7-Nov. 10: Dead period
Nov. 11-Dec. 23: Evaluation period
Dec. 24-Dec. 26: Dead period
Dec. 27-March 15: Evaluation period
March 16-March 22: Contact period
March 23-March 28: Evaluation period
March 29-April 5: Dead period
April 5-April 8: Contact period
April 9-April 12: Dead period
April 11: Start of regular signing period
April 13-April 18: Contact period
April 20-April 22: Evaluation period
April 23-April 26: Quiet period
April 27-April 29: Evaluation period
April 30-May 16: Quiet period
May 16: End of regular signing period
May 17-May 26: Dead period
May 27-July 5: Quiet period
July 6-July 10: Dead period
July 11-July 15: Evaluation period
July 16-July 17: Dead period
July 18-July 22: Evaluation period
July 22-July 24: Dead period
July 25-July 29: Evaluation period

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