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Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

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NCAA Recruiting Calendar

Be First!

The recruiting calendar allows high school basketball players to sign National Letters of Intent twice during the year. Other dates to watch out for in 2011-’12:

Aug. 1-Sept. 8: Quiet period
Sept. 9-Oct. 5: Contact period
Oct. 6-Nov. 6: Evaluation period
Nov. 7-Nov. 10: Dead period
Nov. 11-Dec. 23: Evaluation period
Dec. 24-Dec. 26: Dead period
Dec. 27-March 15: Evaluation period
March 16-March 22: Contact period
March 23-March 28: Evaluation period
March 29-April 5: Dead period
April 5-April 8: Contact period
April 9-April 12: Dead period
April 11: Start of regular signing period
April 13-April 18: Contact period
April 20-April 22: Evaluation period
April 23-April 26: Quiet period
April 27-April 29: Evaluation period
April 30-May 16: Quiet period
May 16: End of regular signing period
May 17-May 26: Dead period
May 27-July 5: Quiet period
July 6-July 10: Dead period
July 11-July 15: Evaluation period
July 16-July 17: Dead period
July 18-July 22: Evaluation period
July 22-July 24: Dead period
July 25-July 29: Evaluation period


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