Coach Mark Simon reaches his 300th

Buffalo, NY – Milestones were made yesterday as St. Joe’s defeated I-Prep 65-41 and Head Coach Mark Simon obtained his 300th win.  St. Joe’s Asst. Coach Mark Price mentioned   “The win was great! Allthough, our team was down two senior starters, one wing defender and one stretch 4.  Were looking to run more, play less half court with the use of athletes that moved up from JV.”

The Mauraders won each qtr and dominated the 2nd as seen below.

Senior Jack Capen led all of St. Joe’s scoring with 22 points. Asst. Coach Price also added “Jack Capen is our front runner 6’5″ senior and the nephew of john Belein at Michigan, its all WNY talent for sure on any given night.”



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