Breakdown Showcase, HS Standouts at 2016 BKD


2018 6’4″ SG Ricardo Clauden, Leanard HS- is becoming more of a complete ball player, as he expands his skills to playing the 1 and 2 spots. Clauden showed he can score and put pressure on the defense at times.  However, work on long range shots is still needed.

2017 6’0″ PG Amari Goulboure, Tampa Prep- Tampa Prep as a steady PG in Amari.  He’s able to make plays defensively and plays with a drive to compete with anyone. Goulbourne is a down hill runner and limited dribbling creativity needs to improve.  A very consistent PG who plays within his game.

2018 6’5″ SG Robert Hardy, Middleton HS- a very athletic wing who will get up and down the floor.  He has potential to get recruited and be a contributor to a college program.  At points in game play, he sometimes settled for bad shots. Shows a nice consistent mid range game that’s should be used more.

2020 5’9″ PG Jordin Jackson, Impact Christian Academy- is quick and always in 5th gear.  Jackson see’s the floor and will put defenders in bad positions as he blows past them.  Plays with energy and confidence. Height can be a factor so lets keep watching him.

2018 6’3″ G Serrel Smith, St. Petersburg HS– is pretty good.  His versatility to play the 1 or the 2 positions which was impressive.  He attacks the rim and will play up close and personal defense.  Love his attitude on the court and cant wait to see him this season at St. Pete.

2018 6’1″ G Arlo Washington, Zebulon B Vance HS- The lefty showed some skill.  Watched him create space with his dribble, run offense in transition and use length to be effective once he passes defenders.  Would like to see him control the ball more as the lead guard so he can always be ready to start the offense.14479714_1101650556597745_825197038376809161_n

2018 6’0″ PG Jordan Curtis, Riverview (Sarasota) HS- Showed he can play with confidence as a PG.  Curtis made really good decisions and used is stocky size to to pressure other guards. 

2018 6’1″ PG DJ Mercer, Cambridge Christian- Is starting to come in to his own, Mercer, who transferred from Leto HS showed the ability to be a PG and run offense. He’s was able to make long shots and show he’s vision.

2018 6’4″ SG DJ Mitchell, Oldsmar Christian- From what i saw of him, he’s able to play the 1 or 2.  He can create off the dribble and make buckets in bunches.  Needs to work on the defensive end, plus keep other active when needed.

2019 6’0″ G Ro Burke of Strawberry Crest HS- got in rhythm early, made plays and look like he knew what he was doing.  Burke’s strength is his mid range pull up and it was working.  He used multiple dribble moves to get to the elbow to get his shots off.  Burke is long and reminds me of UConn and NBA standout Richard Hamilton. Strength is an issue but lets see how he returns next year.

Ro Burke of Strawberry Crest

2017 6’3″ SG Jordan White, Strawberry Crest HS- is under the radar and will surprise people this season.  He looks stronger and more athletic.  White has the abilities to stretch the floor and drive to the rim to finish after contact.  Coaches get on him!

2017 6’2″ SG Marquez Cooper, Anclote HS- Creative player at the guard position and will stay in scoring positions.  Cooper made himself available when playing without the ball.  Should have a good season, we will keep up with him.

2017 6’2″ G Tyler White, Durant HS- had his jumper on that day. He’s a scorer beyond the arc and can string basket together.  Will extend the floor and keep defenders wondering with his crafty dribbling.





2020 5’10” PG Jalen Ortiz of Oldsmar Christian, 2017 6’1″ G Chris Jones of Armwood HS, 2017 6’4″ F Gerald Fleming of Freedom HS, 2019 6’4″ F Jadyn Strawder of Strawberry Crest HS, 2018 6’4″ F Denari Garret, Sickles HS, 2017 6’4″ SG Shomari King, Armwood HS, 2020 6’0″ SG Babacar Thiam, Wharton HS

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