The 10th Annual Comin for That #1 Spot Basketball Showcase Girls Recap

On the Second day of the “Comin for that #1 Spot” showcase in Coral Springs, Fl, featured middle and high school girls.  This is what we saw:



2017 SG Milan Bolden-Morris
2017 SG Milan Bolden-Morris

2017 SG Milan Bolden-Morris: set the tone during drill sessions and in her individual workouts before the showcase. I stared stunned while watching her work her on post moves, pull up jumpers and other highly skilled moves.  Morris has a very smooth jumper; and its like water!  She can work on going through contact with her frame. She knows how to score and how to capitalize on what the defense is giving. Morris is a defenders nightmare. I would love to see her play in a pick up game with no rules.





2023 SF Keyera Bromley
2023 SF Keyera Bromley

2023 SF Keyera Bromley: Get ready to say her name and to say it often, Keyera, Keyera, Keyera because she can play.  She was consistant throughout the day and didnt force her game.  Bromley has lots of shooting range and she’s pretty good when she’s ready to drive to the basket.  It took her a second to warm up but when her shot started to fall, she woke up.  Coaches, she is playing with High School girls and is holding her own.  PAY ATTENTION!




2016 Jade Virgo
2016 Jade Virgo

2016 SG Jade Virgo: Brings the energy at all times.  Shes not afraid to pick up your best player full court.  Virgo’s defense starts her offense and she showed that multiple times, she plays the passing lane ripping opposing guards and getting steals.





2018 F Sidney Jones
2018 F Sidney Jones

2018 F Sidney Jones: Jones is a gem!  Physically she’s made to play the wing position, she lead the pack in the 2018 divison. Jones was not afraid to play through contact, she’s able to create seperation & get off her shot. Like most players her age I’d like to see her work more on her off hand.  With that; she will develop into a very good player.




2020 SG Brittney Tyre
2020 SG Brittney Tyre

2020 SG Brittney Tyre:  Tyre has a nose for the basket and has no fear.  Her first step is quick and the use of both hands gives her loads of advantages against flat footed defenders.  Brittney can score in bunches and she seems to be in great shape.  A player to watch!





2021 O'Mariah Gordan
2021 O’Mariah Gordan

2021 PG O’Mariah Gordan:  Gordan was phenomenal!  I got to see her play both days and she was breath taking each time.  Gordan has the hand speed and length to dominate on both ends.  She can pull up from long range, put the ball on the ground to drive to the rim and makes good use her floater.  She has my vote for the top player in her class!


*ALL PICTURES taking and originated by BAH


Players who caught my eye:


High School Players:

2018 5’5″ G Taylor Stelly

2016 5’9″ G Nadiah Isaac

2018 5’10” Blake Hollis

2019 5’8″ Brigit Barrial

2017 5’4” Julie Serrano

2017 5’7″ Danielle Domino

2019 5’7” Lenise Santiago

2019 5’5” Khaila Shailyn


Middle school players:

2021 5’11” Alyanna McGrath

2023 5’0” Chloe Kitts

2020 McKenzi Neal

2020 5’8” Savannah Lang

2020 5’4” Debra Buggs

2021 5’10” Lakada Bryant

2021 5’0” Alyxandra Avrach

2021 Peyton Hollis


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