Breakdown of 6A District 11

Devin Diggs of Strawberry Crest

Leto, Sickles, Jefferson, Strawberry Crest, King and Armwwod

Who will win?  Armwood

This was a hard selection.  Bringing back key players and the emerging dominance of Marcus Hill in the post area were key in our decision.  The guard position may be a issue for the Hawks that can cause them this position.






2. Strawberry Crest

Good coaching and solid perimeter defense will be there back bone.  Malik Channer, Devin Diggs and Karel Hamilton are the major players at Crest.  However, the supporting cast of Crest is crucial in obtain their first district title.  Roosevelt Mitchell will be a key factor.





3. Sickles

Without Eric Floyd, Sickles will depend on leadership and scoring from Danial Harris.  The supporting cast which include  Malcolm Johnson will be needed.






4.  King

Jaron Fleming is a question mark and that makes Lions limited.


5.  Jefferson

Hopefully can put some things together this season.


6. Leto


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