Breakdown of 8A district 7

Cj Mcgill of Wharton

Plant, Wharton, Alonso, Newsome, Bloomingdale, and Durant

Who will win?  Wharton

Wharton will easily win this district even without Troy Holston.  Don’t see anyone contesting them this year in this district.   Cj Mcgill and Sir Patrick Reynolds are one two punches on offense.  Their bench is strong and Wharton seems to be well prepared by coach Tommy Tonelli.




2. Newsome

Hayden Harkins will need a lot of help,  being that the Wolves are small in the middle.  We will get a lot opportunity to see young talented Stephan Kitchen.


3. Durant

Trent Robertson and Kyle White makes this ship go….PERIOD.






4. Bloomingdale

Ryan Bethoney will be missed and that means that George Brammeier will have to pick up the slack.  BIG SHOES TO FILL!


5. Plant

This team has to find their identity with limited perimeter scoring.  However,  they do have some  talent in Soph. Tyle Beale and Alex Mitura but is it enough.


6. Alonso

Christopher Malachi and Gregory Robinson will keep their team competitive.



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