“Thank you so much, it gives me great pleasure to support and sponsor teams.”    Erika Hernandez (Asst.Manager of Jimmy John’s)


“Thank you for putting in time and energy to make our program successful”

dewey streetBay Area HoopsElijay “Dean” Scott


“I thought it was a good experience showcasing my talent for Bay Area Hoops and Big County Preps, and playing against other players in the county. The drills were intense and really made you pay attention to detail. Overall it was a great event, and I recommend it for all athletes wanting to get there name out there.”

trent robertsonTrent Robertson(CCGA)


“it was a great exposure camp…. I thought that it was very competitive ..it was a work hard play hard camp.”

Devin Diggs


“Out of all the camps I’ve been to these camps really have the best drills and really assess talent really good. Most camps are usually just games and a lot of down time. Plus they give highlights to the standout players.”

Malik Channer


“It was a good showcase I like how the games where set up and all the drills before them where set up.”

Caelen Watts


“Thanks for all that you do for our student-athletes.”

Joe Willis (Head Basketball Coach Bloomingdale HS)


“One thing that really made it [Breakdown Showcase] stand out was the individual workout sessions in groups compared to others just scrimmaging the whole time”

Devin HarrisDevin Harris(ETSU)


“I really appreciate you getting out to support our event. You guys are making a difference for GBB in Tampa.”

Coach Rob Walker ETYBA


“The third time is a charm, GREAT JOB! Bay Area Hoops has raised it’s game to the next level.”

Coach Harris


“The showcase was well organized , drill heavy and mostly about the fundamentals . You don’t get offer just because your tall , athletic and can dunk. What puts you over everyone else is the little things and fundamentals. Last fall I went to breakdown showcase at strawberry crest and I’ve improved immensely from last year. Overall great showcase and will definitely be back again!”

Anthony Gamble (Newsome HS)


“My outlook on the showcase was that is was a well organized event and allowed for kids to show their abilities on the court in front of all the other players and the recruiting services that were in attendance. Along with lots of good skill development drills that we all could work on to improve our game. Overall I had a good time and look forward to the next event.”

Lawrence Watts (Mitchell HS)


“It was eye opening on what I needed to work on, And exciting.”

Jamal Bevel (Middleton HS)

“The breakdown showcase was good”
Jarred Anderson(Brooks-DeBartolo)