2018 Isaiah Ezekiel Paige

Isaiah Ezekiel Paige (Twitter @isaiahpaige99)


BAH has a Q and A with 2018 6’1″ G Isaiah Ezekiel Paige of Meadowbrook Academy in Ocala, FL.  Paige who also plays travel basketball with the Upward Stars is starting to show his capabilities to play at the next level.  Paige has a Christian background and a disciplined mindset that shows when he’s on the court.  “I believe that God is involved in all that I do, and that my future is great because He is already there.”


Q: You’re still at a very early stage of your basketball career. What kinds of things are you doing to make yourself better as a player?
A: I’m working out every day, trying to improve the weak spots in my game. I am also working with a skills coach and strength trainer as well, which is forcing me to come out of my comfort zone and improve. I’ve also found that working with players that play at a high level force me to become a better player, and I’m blessed to be playing with Upward Stars Gainesville AAU which gives me that opportunity.


Q: What are your future goals?
A: To graduate from high school with a GPA of at least 3.8 or higher, to study Sports Business Management and gain both my bachelor and masters. I also a working toward playing basketball at the next level in college, and possibly playing overseas one day.


Q: How’s your academics?
A: I currently have an overall GPA of 3.75 this year, and finished the last semester with a GPA of 4.14. All of my classes are college prep courses which I believe will help me as I go forward in my studies.


Q: Which players or coaches do you think of as role models?
A: My high school Coach Brandon Heard is definitely a role model of mine. My father Coach Brian Paige who is the assistant head coach is one of my role models both on and off the court. Both my coaches don’t allow me to settle for “just enough”. They are tough on me, but I know it’s because they see greatness in me.


Q: Tell me a bit more about your life outside of basketball. What are some things about you that are surprising?

A: One thing about me is that I can really dance, which a lot of people find surprising about me. My sister knows I can dance and is always pushing me to dance more. I also love to cook…my family gets to benefits of my skills in the kitchen!


Q:What would you do if basketball were no longer an option?

A: I would definitely be involved in sports somehow, whether as a coach, a manager, or however I can be involved.


Q: What type of college would be a great fit for you?

A: A small to medium sized school, preferably Christian would be a great fit for me. I would love to stay in Florida, or as close as I can be.


Q: Describe your style of play?

A: I’m a slasher, I like to attack and find the openings in the defense. I bring a lot of energy to court on both sides of the ball. I know I’m doing my job on defense when the opposing player is getting upset with the pressure I’m applying. I can shoot it from deep, but I really like to create for my teammates.