Dewey Park Summer Skills Camp…..Buffalo,Ny

bay area hoopsBeing a native of Buffalo, NY  I feel obligated to return every year to help develop some of the talent in the area.  I recently was able to witness the kids in drill work at the Dean’s Dewey Park Skills Camp.

The Buffalo region as always been a port for Basketball players such as Bob Lanier, Willie Hutch, Rick Williams, Randy Smith, Cliff Robinson, Christian Laettner, Trevor Ruffin, Damone Brown, Lazar Hayward, Johnny Flynn, Mike Williams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers),  numerous NBDL/Overseas players  and Area Legends such as Ritchie Campbell, Curtis Aikens and Jason Rowe to name a few. Tampa Bays own Reggie Burke (Strawberry Crest HS/College of Coastal Georgia) also reigns from Buffalo,NY.

In previous years, Buffalo as been on a downfall where talent had diminished. However, I’ve witness an uproar of talented basketball youth in the past 4 years. From 6-2 PG Sterlin Taplin Class of 2014, 6-5 PF Jermaine Crumpton, and 6-4 SF Adam Weir who all ranked in the state.  With the combination of youth they are producing now,  Buffalo will be back as area of choice to find talent again.  Good work Dean, Phil, Burn, Trev and Shakes.   Here’s a couple of pics from the camp.


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